Who are considered Sonya's bad MUs

Discussion in 'Sonya' started by BigMilk, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Military Stance xx 2
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  2. RTM2004

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    I don't follow F0xy. I have no problem up close with Kenshi but full screen was the area I asked for him help. I took his advice and had no problems with Kenshi ever since both online and offline.

    I didn't make an excuse not to fight you, I sent you the message to not use Mileena because I won't use her on you either because she's cheap online. Knowing how you play online is similar to keeping it just like offline with respecting the game of footsies despite that it's online. I have no problem setting up matches with you. First off, you never replied to my messages yet you are on my Friend's List. Setting our disagreements aside on here TYM and MKU (disappeared for some reason), I still respect you as an online/offline/member here but you act a fool on me here.. no hard feelings just an 'opinion'.

    But yeah, I'm going to MLG. Tournament Virgin here =D
  3. Death

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    I agree about the Kenshi part. I do think Sonya is top 3 with only 3 bad MUs. I think Kabal and Kenshi are better for sure. Kitana I dont think is bad at all. I think 5-5 or slightly Sonya favor. Kit cant really win the MU consistently by zoning and assing away. Her rushdown is a problem for Sonya but Sonya can hold her own. But i think solid 5-5.
  4. 16 Bit

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    I think eventually Sonya vs. Kitana will be seen in Sonya's favor. She's got everything to beat Kitana. The worst part probably being that d+4s blows up Kitana's wakes and that is obviously a huge deal for Sonya. In fact I'm not even really sure why it's still considered 5/5. Seems like everyone used to say Kitana won because of zoning and now that Kitty zoning is passe it became 5/5 as a compromise.
  5. RTM2004

    RTM2004 Mortal Kombat II

    It's definitely 5-5, 16Bit on MKU said it's based on the life lead of either character.

    If Sonya gets the life lead, Kitana will struggle. If Kitana gets the life lead, Sonya will struggle. It cuts both ways.
  6. General M2Dave

    Death, you have to stop jumping vs Freddy. If you a) dash block and b) react to and neutral-crouch gloves, the match up becomes difficult for Freddy. When you neutral-crouch gloves, you can inch forward because Freddy is stuck in recovery frames. Master D. has mastered approaching Freddy because he has played me thousands of games. We go about 5.5 : 4.5 when we play Freddy vs Sonya.
  7. I think more players need to experience what Kabal is like when played on a hitbox. That is what Kabal is, by design.

    By the time you corner Kabal he will have 2 meters (probably 3) stocked which means he is guaranteed to get over you (worst case scenario he air-breakers and nomad dashes past you) and continues to set up his zoning to the other side of the stage at which point he should have at least 2 meters by the time you corner him.

    I strongly feel this matchup is 6-4 in Kabals favor. I would like to know Riu48's opinion on this.
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  8. JagoBlakeFGC

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    I, as well as many other Sonya players, have been saying for a while now that Sonya loses to Kenshi, Kabal, and Freddy Krueger. This shouldn't even be a question.

    In fact, anybody who successfully zones out Sonya has a high chance of winning. I've been describing zoning as her weakness for a long time. Her d4 does have a long reach to help her control space, but once you memorize the range of that low poke you can manage the match-up better.
  9. RTM2004

    RTM2004 Mortal Kombat II

    Very, very true. By nature that's her worst MU in the game. His ability to escape.
  10. Evil_Riu48

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    this is exactly why i think kabal has the advantage in the matchup you were reading my mind in that post.

    i have a question for anyone who think kabal vs sonya is 5.5 kabal and here it is . . . we all agree that kabal beat cage and cage and sonya both have to do the same think in the kabal matchup which is try to get in but when cage gets in or get kabal cornner it is much harder for kabal to get out without taking some damage than when sonya gets in. . . cage can elso throw kabal closer to the corner when ever he wants with a ex shadow kick on reaction to kabal zoning . . . and if cage see himself in a situation in which he has like 35% of healgh and kabal has like 25% of health and cage has meter which he will have most on the time, kabal can not longer zone cage because cage will ex shadow kick him for the win. . . when sonya even if she see herself in this situation she would still have to deal with kabal zoning because ex cartwheel will not held against kabal zoning so the way i see it johnny cage has more options and better tools for this matchup than sonya but accourding to you guys kabal beat cage 6-4 but kabal vs sonya is 5.5-4.5 can someone explain me this?

    i been trying to do not talk about matchups in forums because the community want to based matchups in their personals wins and lost against whoever they are playing at the time and if matchup are to be made based on your wins and lost i would be saying that the kenshi vs sonya matchup is 6-4 sonya because i have yet to lose to a kenshi player in a tournament and i fought many but when i take a look at the tools kenshi has for this matchup and i look at the way sonya has to fight in the matchup it is clear to me that kenshi controls the matchup better than her and has better tools for this matchup

    sektor , kenshi , cage, freddy , kabal , noob , smoke , sub zero

    she may do not lose to some of this characters but there is one thing for sure in the right hands they will all give her a hard time
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  11. Agreed Kitana Sonya 5/5 used to be 6/4 in Kitanas favor, I think Sektor can keep her out whit the flame thing aswell dont know need to check that one whit good Sektors
  12. Sao87

    Sao87 @thedigitaldojo

    Riu48 I was about to post some of the same questionable match ups. Here are the characters I would add to the list of potential Sonya counters.

    Kenshi, Kabal, Freddy (were in agreement here)
    Kitana, Sektor, Sub-Zero, Noob, Shang Tsung (Detroit is back in the lab on this one, we will see how it plays out).

    I do ok against Morty with Cage but I think the top players need to experience this match up against him. He is the only Sonya player I've seen so far that approaches the match up correctly.

    Detroit does fairly well against Morty with Smoke as well.

    Both Cage and Smoke have a chance in the match up but it seems to be either slight Sonya favor or 5-5.

    DanCock I played Sindel for a short period of time and frustrated the hell out of Morty. I could see this potentially being slight edge for Sindel or even. Double levitate fireball cancels and a solid run away game can really frustrate her.
  13. That's why I think Kabal is a 4-6. Eventually Sonya will get in, but it's very likely that he will have full meter. In this match you need to approach him over and over again to stand a chance.
  14. Sindel loses to Sonya 4-6, sonya beats sindel
  15. Death

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    Sonya obviously loses to Kabal, Kenshi and Freddy but thats it. Those other characters you say give her a hard time are 5-5s. They give her a hard time because she beats every1 else in the cast.
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  16. Skitzo

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    Kabal's NDC is not that big of a deal in that mu, it's the zoning. Just learn the variations that are neutral on block. If he trys to poke you out after those strings, your 6f poke beats his 7f pokes. Even with the zoning, Kabal is putting himself towards the corner.

    Also, Death
    I'm sorry about last night with me just standing there. My control's dpad came completely off, like completely. I was like "are you kidding me?" -__- I have a spare though, so I hope i'll be ready next time we meet.
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