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Which Variation Do You Think Is More Viable/Useful (1.07)

Which Variation?

  • True Kahn (1)

    Votes: 3 18.8%
  • Risen Emperor (2)

    Votes: 13 81.3%

  • Total voters


Character Crises Main
After the patch which variation do you guys think is more viable? Since 1 2 1+3 can connect mid combo now we don't really need db3 as a combo ender. Basically, up hammer and 66F buff or a low special for mix/restand, a second projectile, and 90f debuffs.

NRF CharlieMurphy

Kindergarten Meta
Risen Emp.

He at least has a shot at getting the Priest Buff out maybe once a match, where as the Taunts will never ever be used ever in the current state.

If they buffed his taunts to at least match Priest... I think it is better overall. You can essentially get the hammer buff in spades with the damage increase, and gain access to a MUCH easier to use KB that cannot be dropped out of.

God i wish they applied an EX to Taunts and gave him the same armor NW has..... because then i'd only run Taunts. All day Taunts. Back to Back Taunts.

I don't understand why they decided SK buffs were going to be just awful as sin.


casual kahnage
Risen emperor is better but True Kahn is still fun. I played a bit of true kahn yesterday and the taunts are useable. If you are being serious though, why waste the time trying to get the F34 KB when you can easily get that damage in risen emperor? Just to be an asshole is the only answer.

NRF CharlieMurphy

Kindergarten Meta
Doesn't True Kahn Damage buff go across all moves. Like... what are His bnbs with that active? Scum grab does the same damage as an ender as annihilation. My guess is he's in the 360 damage with that debuff on.