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Which Inj 1 Veterans Do You Wanna See Return As DLC?


Bzzzt *Paging Doctor Fate*
I can see how using precious DLC slots for veteran fighters might seem like a waste, I'm sure we all want at least one character who isn't returning to come back.

I don't even like Lex Luthor, but I think he has to be included. Hawkgirl is a personal favorite, as well as Shazam. Nightwing deserves to come back too.

If I had to be realistic and narrow it down to one veteran, I'd choose Shazam. If I could be pick a second, Sinestro, just so Black Adam and Green Lantern can have their respective archnemesis'.


More than human, or less.
Shazam not being in it when Adam is in the starting roster is just bizarre to me. It was weird enough that it made me doubt the leak initially, but considering it's been 100% accurate so far, it's hard to deny the plausibility of it. Raven, MMH and Hawkgirl also seem pretty high on the alumni list, so I don't know why they're not in.

Of course, this is Injustice: Gods Among Batman Characters, so you can't expect reasonable representation for anyone who hasn't been in Batman TAS at some point in the past.

To that extent, Deathstroke seems like a shoe-in for eventual DLC, considering he's got a starring role in Batfleck Begins. That's more than I can say for half the Batman characters that made the starting roster, so it seems like a fair assumption.