Where does you name/GT/handle/SC originate from?

Discussion in 'NetherRealm Online' started by aieches, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. aieches

    aieches #freeHomelee2016

    Coming from an art background, ive always had a handle even before came on forums or online gaming,
    so every time i see an interesting name, i always wonder where it originated from, thought behind it, etc.

    current alias
    Aieches -
    this one comes from my initials in my first and middle name.. H H . so its like saying " two H's"
    "H" - (is) is prob best described how it would be pronounced. also as a kid i never really liked my name seemed kinda plain..plus the fact that im the 3rd.. so its like bitter/sweet sometimes .. its cool to have the same name but then sometimes you're like well, i actually dont stand out...etc... i guess now growing up, this alias is me coming to terms with accepting it.,

    Artist_one// Artist_uno
    this is the name i adopted from a group of my art comrades. they pretty much said i put art into everything so one of them just started calling me artist as in (the) artist .. it kinda stuck so i use it sometimes where i see fit. the one or uno thing is an old school graffiti/urban art thing. its kinda hard to explain in short
  2. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
    Lead Moderator

    I like Juggs, so...
  3. Iustinus

    Iustinus Deus Fulminatus

    My name is Justin. My username here means Justin in Latin. My GT is just my name with some numbers. Deus Fulminatus, is more or less Thunder God, the version of Raiden I use.
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  4. aieches

    aieches #freeHomelee2016

    haha i dig it, but im much of an ass man myself..
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  5. aieches

    aieches #freeHomelee2016

    ilike that Deus Fulminatus...
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  6. Derwood1979

    Derwood1979 Professional Procrastinator

    My name is Darren. Back in the day on the tv show Bewitched the husband was also Darren, the mother in law called him Derwood. So poor 70's tv cursed me
  7. FrozenCoyote

    I've had my name since high school. I'm originally from North Dakota where the winters get very cold and my hometown high school mascot was the Coyotes so I became FrozenCoyote.
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  8. Derptile

    Derptile RIP Ex Smash

    MK9 Hatemail.
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  9. (un)balanced_kenshi

    (un)balanced_kenshi NJP-Spammer

    at my first lan about to play counter-strike for the first time. gotta think of a "unique, cool" name --> (soap bar in my mouth) young me went for "OmegA"
  10. ColdBoreMK23

    ColdBoreMK23 Noob Saibot

    My user name on here is actually my Username on the Heckler and Koch gun forums.

    Cold Bore is when you shoot a rifle before doing warm up shots so the barrel can be skewed.

    The Mk23 actually stands for MARK 23. As the name of the infamous Heckler and Koch handgun produced for the Navy Seal trials back in the late 80's/early 90's. I own one and it is a gigantic tank of a .45 ACP that was designed to go to the depths of hell and back.
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  11. (un)balanced_kenshi

    (un)balanced_kenshi NJP-Spammer

    'murrican detected :DOGE

    (sorry, i just had to)
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  12. Iustinus

    Iustinus Deus Fulminatus

    Yeah I think it sounds pretty cool haha. I think you can tell I'm a bit of a Latin geek.
  13. STB BroZki

    STB BroZki Don’t know what to put here

    I have a habit of calling people broski or any variation of it. For example I have friends joe and jose. So I call them broseph and brose. So I think it's pretty funny when people just call me broski haha.

    Yeah I'm a moron.
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  14. LEGEND

    Premium Supporter

    Perfect Dark N64 multiplayer ranking
  15. Blade4693

    Blade4693 ....

    My first name plus my birthday
  16. StealthyMuffin

    StealthyMuffin Earth's Mightiest Knucklehead

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  17. Blade4693

    Blade4693 ....

    Yeah, my parents had me very young lol
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    Whenever I play a videogame that gives me the option to do something messed up, I take that opportunity, because it feels GREAT. And don't worry, I'm a nice guy IRL. I've had other usernames, but I picked this one because of my time in Mass Effect and choices in Far Cry, etc. Thinking of changing it soon again though.
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    How young? We talking 16 here :DOGE
  20. MadeFromMetal

    MadeFromMetal Heart From Iron, Mind From Steel.

    I lived in Dallas for a few months while I was going to school for Audio Engineering and in that time, I met 2 other rappers and we put together a 12 song album. My favorite song off that album was a song called Made From Metal. It sampled the song "Three Wishes by The Pierces".
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  21. errormacro7

    errormacro7 #MakeSpecialForcesGreatAgain

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  22. ColdBoreMK23

    ColdBoreMK23 Noob Saibot

    Can't hear you over the sound of FREEDOM!
  23. buyacushun

    buyacushun Normalize grab immunity.

    It was near the end of the school year so not much learning was being done. I got bored in class and wrote some letters. Started with "b" and ended with "n". Used to say boo-yah-cuh-shawn. But sometimes people would say "buy a cushion". 6th grade thought bodying people in CoD with the name "buy a cushion" was hilarious so that's what I go by now.

    I put my name as color money because I thought the DJ in this video was hilarious for screaming while this was going on.
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  24. Blade4693

    Blade4693 ....

    Lol not that young, more like 18/19.
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  25. aieches

    aieches #freeHomelee2016

    i aint gonna lie.. somewhere .. deep inside me... i semi approve of this.. now if you named your kid Nomak.. that would be pretty bad ass and complete the circle. lol

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