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Where Do I Start?


So, here goes a semi-long anecdote. Bear with me...

I'm a Street Fighter player. I'm able to learn how to play nearly any character just by watching vids on YT, that's how long I've been playing. However, I'm unfamiliar with MK9. I've been fooling around with various characters in training but I want to pick one and stick. That one is possibly Kenshi.

So, are there any absolute basics you can guys can provide me with? How about a gameplan? In Street Fighter, Ryu's gameplan is cr. mk xx fireball, AA with SRK, and pressure with fireballs. What would be Kenshi's equivalent of that?

I watched some guides on YT but there's just too much information for me to digest. I don't know where to start! Thanks!


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i only very casually play kenshi, but this is the general gameplan:

vs most opponents, shoulder charge range is death range. If they hit buttons, shoulder charge knocks them back and you get a free far overhead sword special. When they decide to try blocking your spirit charge then dashing in, is when you get your free safe 50/50 mixup. b2(? i dont remember lol been a while) overhead or f32 low combo starter. Both are safe on block. If you're ballsy, you can jump in here as well. Be careful of people baiting the shoulder charge and jumping in though.

Outside of that range vs a lot of the cast you get to just throw out teleflurry all day, and if they are trying to duck those you can answer with the overhead sword special.

antiair with standing 2

thats a really basic intro to kenshi, obviously a lot more to him than that but thats a decent enough part of his gameplan for you to get started on...