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Question - Smoke Where Do I Begin..?


I don't even know...
What should my game plan be?

I've been looking to pick up Smoke for a while now, I like the vortex and the character in general. From what I know, his vortex does really low damage and doesn't kill very fast. But from what I see most people don't spend a bar for damage. So what do you guys suggest?
Go and watch PL's smoke on his archives and see how he plays. Ex smoke away or foward is great at baiting out if ur opponent thinks it's their turn after a string. Use the vortex in the corner because the overhead and low into smoke ball both work in the corner. 21 is good to use on block and +17 on hit which guarantees the low but not the overhead. Staggering f4d1 is good since its -3 and you can do the ex smoke after to bait something. F4d12 is a meterless launcher but it's unsafe. F34 is good to low profile punish high projectiles but it's -10 on block so you can't just throw it out. Ex db4 is kinda yolo unless you're full screen and your opponent isn't respecting it and trying to zone you full screen.
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Aura is one of the best Smoke's in the game. He recently used him in ESL. Go to NetherRealm broadcast history and watch. Smoke relies heavily on safe corner pressure, jailing and utilizing his b12 string.


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There is plenty of gaps to abuse against smoke , but that all plays into his overall gameplan , make them neutral duck after f4 , and instead of 3 go for f42 b21. That's just one small example. Playing smoke is all about making constant reads and staying safe when you make a bad read


I labbed a bit ; you cannot jump after low into smoke but you can jump after overhead into smoke. Also you can backwards jump after both low and overhead. Mileena can jump in punch into combo. Roll trades with bomb. JC can f3 after overhead and get a full combo lol
I wonder if d'vorah can u3(?) cancel into combo. That'd be so cool


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The homie from houston, not scar but i forget his name, has an amazing smoke and took it to the finals at texas showdown.