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Match-up Discussion When to poke out of pressure


Kanaida (MK9 Dashboard for android)
The trick is not getting hit :) lol... I know it sucks, but the best way is evasion. I walk backwards to stay out of jumping and trance rage. Block and counter teleports. If he goes in front or back, poke and uppercut. Dash block backwards or forwards to force his teleport to bounce off your block works too but u gotta stay nimble. I always counter rather than attack first.

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GGA Saucy Jack

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Im lucky enough to play against dizzy twice a week. And yes jumping out is a viable option. But:

It has to be on a perfect read
It has to be a perfect reaction
I only get away with it once

If my read is off im blown up
If my reaction is slow im blown up
If i try to do it a second time im blown up.

So yes, if the question is "can it be done?" id say yes. But from very real experience...trying it against dizzy makes my nuts hurt...


Master of Quanculations
Try poking out with EX Skeletal Boost.

And you have to jump sometimes. If you go by a rule of "never ever jump out", then Cage knows that he's never under that threat. Sometimes a well timed jump will crossover a F3 3 and then you do get a full combo. Never say never.


Kanaida (MK9 Dashboard for android)
After fighting some more cages, just walk backwards and sweep before he knees you etc... Then jump behind him when he's down. Use a combo to push him away preferably. Say a 1,1,2. If he can't start his little pressure b.s he's done for. If you uppercut him, stay ducking and uppercut him if he has no bars and shadow kicks, if he has a bar block then combo a red kick. Lately he just never gets me in that position anymore. Keeping him away with stuff like that takes him down nasty if u can have the patience and know when its safe to duck his fireballs. Same with kitanas, reading spacing is the way to go.

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Primal Raptor

after 2,1. after f33. and like axel said, blocking down 3 and poke back. or you could armor out but thats risky.
Armoring out is next to impossible half of the time, and when you do it, you're on a negative recovery, no matter where you go. Johnny has poking that's too fast to just opt out like that. I suggest d3 or uppercut, but be careful. Sometimes the best option is to just get out of the situation, but this doesn't apply to Johnny because of his homosexual dick punch. Just stay frosty and d2
Yeah, that was super late. lol. Yeah, i mean cage has the definate advantage. To be honest, quan should not really ever get that many games off of a cage player. None actually if the cage player is on point