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When Teabag / Taunting goes wrong


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Enchantress one had me dying.

Makes me miss MKX fatalities because you had that period where you could Tbag back if you made a mad comeback, then proceeded to rip out their internals organs/cut them in half/decapitate them.


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lol that's hilarious, reminds me of that video that SMG Princess posted where the dude tea bagged her and she did Enchantress spell that's random and the one that hurts you if you crouch came out guy killed himself lmao...


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LMAO. Reminds me of my trolling at my buddies a while ago. xD


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I had a flash player tea bag me when I had like 2 pixels and he had 75% of a bar left. I wouldn't have survived chip from much of anything. Should have been a safe tea bag. It wasn't.

I saved the playback, but it died with the version upgrades.