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What's Her Race Supposed to Be?


I always interpreted Jade as being Arabic but ever since 11 some p pl say she's black? I'm happy either way, as long as she's a person of colour, just curious.
This is just a debate, not trying to instigate a lore-war.


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Maybe Iranian or somewhere in that area. I feel like outworld is definitely a place where there's a lot of mixed races.

She reminds me of this actress who's Iranian:



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I was wondering this too because I thought she was African American but they seemed to take her with a more Arab approach this game. My mom is Lebanese and Jade reminds me a lot of her features, but I could also see Jade being from Kenya


Oh boy...these never end well.

She is Edenian. That's it. We don't know much about Edenia but considering Kitana, Jade, and Tanya all have different skin tones it could have been a place like Earth where there are Edenians of all different skin colors and other features. Which would explain why Kitana has some facial features that look Asian with white skin, while Jade and Tanya have darker skin tones and don't share the same facial features.