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What you should know for Geras (Infinite Warden)

I wanted to make a collection of the most useful things you can know for geras. I think this is a good start, please add things down below!:

practical combos?
BnB: f212 - db1 210.0
1 Bar midscreen: B22xx bf2amp - f1,1+3xx db1 330.0
2 Bars midscreen: B22xx bf2amp - DASH CANCEL f3xx bf1amp - d2,d2 - f1,1+3xx db1 395.0
2 Bars Corner: f212 - 4xx bf2amp - 4xx bf1amp - d2,d2 - f1,1+3xx bf2 430.0
wakeup: u2 - f1,1+3xx bf2amp - f1,1+3xx db1 310.0

obviously use sand trap to check, rarely f22 to check at midscreen
counter zoning with sand trap for KB
backdash and punish whiff with f1,1+3,4 string for KB or f22,1+3 for KB
can use time stop (bf1) on jump ins if u react fast enough
f32 is a great, fast poke from sweep distance, if u know it will hit, f3 is a great combo starter
b22 for a fast, sizeable hitbox that hits mid and is safe (i think..), can HC into combo
jd2 has a good splash hitbox that can start your block pressure

offensive pressure:
1,1xx db1 is essential for mixup game - opponent has to guess between low or OH if u finish string
243 has low & OH - I throw this out infrequently to catch opponent off guard.
on block i cancel f212 into db2,1
jail with d1 into 111 stuff? (i’ll have to lab later)

defense: just d1 poke & take back turn with f212 stuff. Can special reversal with sand trap or bf2 sometimes after blocking a string that has disadvantage on block.
d3 and d4

tech/misc: with f212 on hit you may want to cancel into db2 charge instead of combo
His db2 fully charged will trigger KB, but just after one charge it powers up his d2 do do 230.0 damage for rest of match. Using his d3 however will end the buff.
111,1+3 on knockdown if you think they won’t wakeup, if first two hits miss then triggers KB
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