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What would you like to see in a new major patch?

Some of the things I would like to see in a new patch:

-Fix the save game glitch. (I know you can sort this out by deleting your save and have the game restore the save for you, but this bug needs to be fixed ASAP.)

-Fix the Terminator glitch. A number of people have reported that their game crashes after a while when playing a long tower that has The Terminator in it.

-Fix the Krypt crash. The game sometimes crashes if you play any mode after exiting the Krypt.

-Fix the AI. The AI is way too good at reading player inputs and reacting perfectly to anything you throw at them if the difficulty is set to anything higher than Very Easy. The AI is also way too aggressive, and they are way too good at knowing exactly how and when to interrupt most of your attacks. I can understand the AI being like this on HARD and VERY HARD, but up until MEDIUM/NORMAL they should not be that difficult. The average casual player should still be able to beat the AI without too much trouble on MEDIUM. Especially considering 99% of the time Towers Of Time is always locked at MEDIUM difficulty or higher.

-Add two extra difficulty settings. ULTRA EASY and ULTRA HARD.

-Tag Mode and/or Ko-op Mode for the single player ("offline") part of the game. Tag Mode and/or Ko-op Mode for versus and for Klassic Towers, so that two players can play together at the same time on one console, using two different controllers, and be on the same team against the AI. (Player 2 should have access to player 1's customised characters.)

-Item/gear/cosmetic/skin rewards for Klassic Towers. A lot of people are sick and tired of the dumb fight modifiers in Towers Of Time. The game isn't fun to play anymore because of these stupid fight modifiers. Allow players to unlock items for their characters in Klassic Towers, (where there aren't any fight modifiers). They could make it the same way it was with Injustice 2, where when playing Klassic Towers you are rewarded with a random item after every third match you win. Either that or add a set of towers to Towers Of Time that does not contain any fight modifiers at all. They went completely overboard with the fight modifiers in this game.

-Fix the Krypt. It's completely unacceptable that there are still some items that cannot be obtained. (Some people are also reporting crashing issues with the Krypt.)

-Some more stages would be nice. Also that special tournament stage should be added to the game's stage rotation. It sucks that you never get to play in that stage during any of the towers. It would also be great to add some stages for the DLC characters. I don't understand why the DLC characters don't come with their own stage. An Arkham Asylum stage for The Joker would have been sweet. Some stages from previous MK games would also be awesome.

-Some actual legit sexy outfits for the female characters. What is wrong with giving players the option to customise the female characters with sexy outfits if they so choose? People who don't like those outfits can just choose to not use them. No need to not make it an option at all. Whatever happened to freedom of choice?

-Stage Fatalities would be a great addition. This is Mortal Kombat is it not? Where are the Stage Fatalities?

-Test Your Might, Test Your Sight, and Test Your Strike mini-games. With gear pieces as rewards. Not stupid augments. Only gear pieces and skins as rewards.

-Cyrax and Sektor as playable. Their assets are already in the game. It shouldn't be too difficult to turn them into fully playable characters.

-Add some Fatal Blow Brutalities. MKX had this. Why doesn't MK11?

-The ability to choose a different character select screen, where the Revenant character portraits are replaced with non-Revenant versions. Currently the high amount of Revenant character portraits we have is making the character select screen look really ugly.

-Open up the entire "Premium Shop" so that players can use their Time Crystals to buy whatever they want whenever they want. At this point it's just dumb to limit the Premium Shop to a few items a day or a few items a week or whatever. If the devs really don't want to do that then maybe open up the entire store every weekend or once a month.

-Time Attack mode for Klassic Towers.

-Tone down the fight modifiers, consumables, and AI in Towers Of Time. And allow the player to choose what difficulty they want to play Towers Of Time on. In its current state NOBODY wants to play Towers Of Time them self. They just let the AI play the towers for them because of how frustrating it is. The developers need to do a complete overhaul of Towers Of Time. They need to make it so that players want to do the towers themselves. In order to do that the towers need to be fun. And in order to do that the entire mode is in need of a complete overhaul. Getting rid of fight modifiers and consumables would be a step in the right direction. Maybe they could reserve fight modifiers and consumables for special events only.

-Add some kind of weekly (or monthly) community event, where players work together and are rewarded when they reach the goal. Like MKX had with the Faction Wars. Only this time all players are on the same side. As long as you participated in the event you get the rewards, regardless of how much time you invested in the event, if the community reaches the set goal then everyone who participated gets the reward.

-Fix Noob Saibot and Frost. Why does Noob Saibot have red blood? Why does Frost have red blood and normal human innards? This needs to be fixed. Terminator proved there is nothing holding them back from giving robotic characters robotic innards.

-Add character renders and/or concept art to the loading screens. These blank loading screens are just so damn boring and lazy. Who the hell thought blank loading screens with some text at the bottom was a good idea?

-Increase the character customisation slots to 10.

-A proper photo mode. Like the one seen in the patched versions of God Of War and Horizon Zero Dawn.

-More towers in Towers Of Time. Add at least 3 extra tower sets. What towers do they have now? Heroic, Ko-op, Tag Assist, Rappid? They could add more tower sets, like Legendary, Themed, Dragon, Premium/Premier, Advanced, Elite, or something like that. Just add a few more tower sets to the Towers Of Time menu so that players don't have to sit and wait around for towers to show up once they've cleared everything currently available.

-Increase the number of item rewards for towers that last a long time. It's lame that you only get 1 to 2 gear pieces from a tower that lasts for 50+ hours and then you have to wait around for the next one only to once again get 1 to 2 gear pieces. These towers that take that long to expire should give way more gear pieces and skins as a reward.

-Allow anything to be unlocked with the random item reward for completing a tower. It's dumb that some items can only be unlocked during specific towers that only very rarely show up. It makes getting those items very difficult for a lot of people, because you have to wait months for some of these towers to show up. When X skin or gear piece can only be obtained by completing Y tower, and said tower only shows up very rarely then it discourages players from ever bothering with said item. Especially since there is no way to know when these towers will show up, if at all.

-Add more skins from previous MK games, (I'm still waiting for a MK3 Sub-Zero skin), and give some of the other characters their movie inspired outfits, like was done with Shang Tsung.

-Add a second Fatal Blow for every character that they can choose from, and then in character customisation players can set which Fatal Blow they want to use for each of their variations. This will give players the ability to choose between two different Fatal Blows for their character. It will add more character customisation and it will make it a little less of a pain to constantly see the same Fatal Blows over and over again.

-For the love of the Elder Gods give Cassie some new (better looking) skins. No more walking tank armour, and definitely no more astronaut suits.

-Remove fight modifiers and consumables from the character towers. I don't understand why the character towers have fight modifiers. These towers are supposed to be where you learn how each character plays. That's hard to do when you've constantly got missiles falling from the sky or blood pools draining your health. I really don't understand the reasoning behind adding fight modifiers to every part of the game. At this rate a more appropriate name for this game would be "Fight Modifiers: The Game". People who mostly only play multiplayer don't have to deal with this nonsense, but those of us that are more interested in the single player aspect of NRS games are stuck having to deal with this crap on a constant basis. The single player part of this game is very frustrating, and needs to be fixed. Imagine the backlash the community would kick up if multiplayer was riddled with these fight modifiers.

-Add an alternate method to unlock the Kronika announcer voice.

-Add a "MK Jukebox" feature, where we can replace the game's music with music from past MK games, or even an alternate MK11 soundtrack.

-Fix the character dialogue. Character dialogue should take into account the skin both fighters are using. The character looks like a complete moron when they address the non-Revenant version of a character as though they are the Revenant version. Or if someone speaks to regular Raiden as though he is Dark Raiden. It makes the characters look psychotic.

-Add an actual use for the Mercy mechanic, other than just being there to activate some Brutalities. Perhaps bring Animalities back. Or Friendships. Or Babalities. And then that is what Mercy could be used for, to trigger those things.

-Keep updating the Tutorial to match the changes made to the game through the patches. Don't let us end up in a situation where the Tutorial teaches the player things that don't even work any more due to changes made to some of the game mechanics.

-Some way to reconnect to the server without having to dashboard out of the game. (Was this game made in 2006? Why do we need to completely quit out of the game and start it back up again to reconnect to the server if connection is lost while playing?)

-An extra section in the "Kollection" for character bios. (Why doesn't this game have character bios?)

-A third Fatality for every character.

-Fix the descriptions for where skins and gear pieces can be found. Some of them are still listed incorrectly. (I was looking for a particular gear piece for Raiden which the game claimed is found in the Tag-Assist towers. Turns out that gear piece is actually found in the Premier Towers. This stuff needs to be fixed. It's causing players to waste their time looking for gear pieces in the wrong towers due to incorrect in-game descriptions. And due to the absolutely frustrating nature of Towers Of Time because of all the ridiculous modifiers I would rather not spend any more time in them than I need to. As soon as I have all the gear I'm looking for I'm NEVER playing Towers Of Time again, because it's a complete mess. Unless they do the right thing and give Towers Of Time a complete overhaul.)

-Gear pieces and skins that are hard to find (such as the ones that can only be found in gold Kronika time vaults or ones that can only be found in extremely difficult ko-op boss towers) should show up in the Premium Shop. These are the types of items that players would be willing to spend their Time Crystals on, and these are the types of items that we should be seeing in the Premium Shop.

-Double reward weekend towers, where every other weekend (or maybe one weekend per month) Towers Of Time gives out twice the amount of gear, cosmetic, and skin items for every tower you complete. In addition to this we should get towers that give out guaranteed gear pieces, cosmetics, or skins. Get rid of the "or random Augment" part of the reward. People want gear, skins, and cosmetics, not stupid Augments. There are already more than enough places to get Augments from.

-Every character voice as announcer. And also Ed Boon as announcer.

-Some kind of monthly online tournament event where groups of 16 players are randomly grouped together and battle each other in elimination matches. Players battle each other while others spectate. The loser leaves the tournament, and the winner goes on to the next bracket. Winners go on to fight each other, until there is only one left. Players who participate get cool rewards, and the winner at the end gets a ton of cool stuff. If somebody rage quits then that is a automatic loss for that person, and their opponent wins by default.

-Another extra section to the "Kollection", which contains a detailed video/cutscene that explains in-depth the events that took place in MK9 and MKX. It doesn't necessarily need to be anything overly fancy. It could be done like the Klassic Towers character endings, with still images and a voice over.

-A more detailed character tutorial. One that teaches the player all the ins and outs of each character and how to properly use them.

-Rework the requirements for some of the Brutalities. For example: more than half of Kitana's Brutalities require that your health bar be near empty. What the hell is up with that? So if you play well with her then you get punished by not being able to do over half her Brutalities? WTF???

-Some kind of visual indicator that shows which DLC gear and skins go together. In addition to this also some type of visual indicator to show what gear pieces and skins were used during story mode. Another thing that would be cool would be gear/skin presets. Maybe they could call it "Character Preset" or "Visual Preset". Where you choose a preset and then the game customises the character like that for you, as long as you have the required gear pieces and skins unlocked. For example: "MK9 Shao Kahn" and then the game selects the skin and gear pieces for you that makes Shao Kahn look like MK9 Shao Kahn. (This is just a simple example.)

-A way to unlock the rest of the variation icons. For some reason you get to a point where you just stop unlocking variation icons, even though you don't have them all yet. This needs to be fixed.


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wow , long as hell to read all this stuff, but, yep, a lot of very good suggestions here ..... I happen to agree with ! :D


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We need a patch atleast every weekand each time a character releases we want a bigger patch and after that we gonna make multiple threads complaining about too many patches, rinse and repeat.
For the next nrs game we want more neutral, footsies,fundies, 50/50, antiair, neutral duck etc


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At least some kind of facial animation on the in match models. Their completely blank action figure expressions ruin a lot of animations

How about actual quicker animations instead of just speeding up slower animations too? The amp Birdboy Beatdown looks like crap for that

Take one move out of one variation for each character and add it to their base kit


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This is totally unreasonable

You are basically suggesting that they should do a heap of work, spend a tonne of money and give it too us for free.

NRS is not your bitch.


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Wow, that's quite a list. I got through maybe halfway and agreed with most of it. My 2 cents:
  • Full tag-team mode is probably not technically feasible on the current gen consoles. But I'd settle for being able to play co-op towers in couch co-op rather than requiring that we're both on separate consoles
  • Add more variations so that all moves are available in at least one variation
  • Stage fatalities
  • A more engaging offline mode. We've been playing towers with random sh*t flying at us since MKX. This mode grew old after 2 years, and we're now on year 5. It may sound crazy to add a new single-mode in a patch, but KI managed to do it with Shadow Lords
  • Reveal whatever that third gear slot is. It's been "Coming Soon" for almost a year now


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Make pokes more negative on block, and make grabs actual highs and not this "highs sometimes and mids other times" nonsense.
No. Throws should get you no matter if you neutral duck or not. Just add a normal throw break (throw immediately after being thrown) not this weird 50/50 game to break a throw. No other fighting game series has throws get beaten by ducking. That's just weird.

The pokes just need push back. They should not be more negative on block.


I'm very much against mid throws. Getting 14% with a press of a single button? Hell no. Sure you can read it and tech it but what do you get for that? Nothing, just neutral reset. Why wouldn't I get a nice punish for reading a throw with a neutral duck. There's nothing more rewarding than that in this game.

Regarding pokes, I think everyone having a poke just like Joker's would change the poke meta. By that I mean hit advantage. 14-15f hit advantage for everyone's D1. It's insane how many people get jailed online with Joker.


Use only logic, please
Remove dial combos and keep interuptable strings

Add more natural timing for entering special moves after a bufferable string. It's weird dialing a string and a buffered move well before the animation for each move even happens.

Add the ability to change your costume loadout before a match. Tying costumes to a variation is dumb.

In fact, remove tournament variations and just go with what the original intention for MK11 was: Custom Variations. It's evident that this was the case since you have to go through a variation setup just to map a tournament variation to a costume loadout. And don't give me that old, "But they won't be able to balance the game...." Yeah, well, the most balanced games are not always the most popular or fun. Just ask Marvel. If anything, the tournament variation system has hamstrung the creativity this game's combo system could have had.

Make all the special moves USEFUL. I don't want another Frost rolling head freeze bomb situation.

For the love of all that is good, put some bars in this game! The soundtrack is forgettable. I can't remember any of these tracks. Yet, I can tell you what all the MK1-UMK3 and even the MKD-MKDA tracks are. WTH were they thinking with the soundtrack?

I'm sure I have more but done for now.


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-Krypt expansion
-Gauntlet Tower expansion
-Liu's f4 is a 9frame mid and his f3 a 9frame low :p
-Stage fatalities
-wifi filter
-Noob Saibot announcer voice
-gear/skins in krypt finally unlocked!
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Helter Skelter

No. Throws should get you no matter if you neutral duck or not. Just add a normal throw break (throw immediately after being thrown) not this weird 50/50 game to break a throw. No other fighting game series has throws get beaten by ducking. That's just weird.

The pokes just need push back. They should not be more negative on block.
That's not true. There are many games that you can duck or evade High Throws in.

Tekken is one such game for example and it's never really been an issue.


Use only logic, please
That's not true. There are many games that you can duck or evade High Throws in.

Tekken is one such game for example and it's never really been an issue.
Then I stand corrected. I've never been much of a Tekken player, though I have most of the games in the series. I just never really dug too deep in to notice that. Great point. But it still does not make the system desirable for a 2D fighter.

Eddy Wang

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buff Kombat League

Why TF low rank ppl get over 50 points if they defeat you on a higher rank but you get only 20 in some cases 15 points only wh are we matchp ppl that low anyway? Sometimes we can't ignore those matchups so either
a) improve match making
b) they shouldn't get that many points either if they are not fighing someone in the same rank, its bollocks

This is why is so hard to get out of demigod, you have to fight anyone, ANYONE on a rank below you and sometimes you can't ignore them, as the demigod players weren't already hard enough.

Wi-fi filter won't solve this issue, NRS needs to know that there 2 technology of wi-fi
a) The last gen Wi-fi which is 3G and whoever still uses 3G wifi shouldn't even be playing this game online because the spike on the tech are too big and not suitable for it
b) 4G wi-fi which is the current gen and while still has a considerable spike on a net code like MK11 it fits the 150 ping criteria, which i already confirmed you can go and play pretty well against other players up to 200ms ping treshold.

Or having a indentifier so we can tell who tha hell is use 3G network in 2020, 5G is on the way and its going to make a lot of things viable even online wireless, maybe we will even go global this time.

Last but not least, for the love of god, allow us to fucking mute players, some ppl are just too toxic and we are forced to sit there and listen to them.


Holy shit..no one read all that... but here's mine, simple.

-tag mode
-more stages
-more announcers- erron black & Kano would be cool
  • 3rd fatality. No mk ever done it b4
  • every ability is 1 slot. No more 2 slot abilities.