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General/Other What other players see when they play against Skarlet

AK L0rdoftheFLY

I hatelove this game
Hate to say it but skarlet is overrated. People know the mu now
coming from a sonya and lao player I can understand why you say that. I think she is a solid tournament viable character that can beat any character in this game...she goes even or 4-6 with all the top tiers...including kabal. she has all the tools, overheads, blockstrings, damage, and gimmicks to give anyone fits if the player is smart enough.

she aint broken or anything...if thats what you mean.


Where art thou, MKX Skarlet?
I think she's a solid character like L0rdoftheFLY said. She agreeably goes 4-6 at the worst with top tiers, also 5-5. Her tools are all solid - nothing is overpowered or broken about her. And that's with two weak specials - blood ball and teleport.

There's no reason to downplay or overhype her - she's a difficult character who can win any mu, and dominate many. Just like any other top 13/A+ character (statement based off Reos mu chart).

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Glass Sword

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What I see is a train that at anytime can decide to mow me down. I guess that would make Reptile a truck.

Eddy Wang

Skarlet scientist
Eddy Wang if you're just going to make downplaying threads and 'there's nothing left to find' threads just have tym reinstate me as mod.

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You above all else should know i don't downplay Skarlet, the clear message i want to pass on this thread is simple, manny ppl still sleep on Skarlet that is why they lose. Because what i see is ppl who think we're some kind of robots that plays on a way written in stone.

I'm doing all i can to get my passport ready, regist to EVO and go out there and play at my best, it doesn't matter if i will win or lose, i just want to be there. And to do that, i will do all that is necessary, i practice every single day to not froze my execution and my reactions as well, EVO will be hype if i manage to go, i want to see how ppl know the Skarlet MU.

And i can't deny you were the best Skarlet mod we ever had, and my english suck to communicate with ppl by the start, your place as Skarlet mod its always here in case you want it back.

"Sore dake da."


I miss you
Now that this game's dead, can we finally pop the Skarlet balloon off and say that this character was way overrated all this time?


I tried playing with her, but dropped her, cause in my opinion, she's a high risk/low reward type of character