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What, no one else is gonna make this???

All credit in the world to 16bit for yet another outstanding performance with Selina. Say whatever you want about MLG (no really, I wont stop you, let it all out) but no one can doubt the level of competition there....and 16bit just kept on going undaunted and even convincingly defeated players like Sonicfox who had previously bested him. Sadly he eventually ran into the thousand fishstick slap...but even in that he achieved a measure of victory (along with a hefty purse lets not forget :) ).

Simply put, 16bit is the most inspiring player in the NRS scene. I may not play Catwoman...but any time I even begin to think about switching my main I remember 16bit and go back to grinding it out. When MKX drops I hope and suspect you'll find your new girl, give her all your love and dedication, and tell anyone who says to dump her to shove it.
Much props to 16 bit, It's not easy to get catwoman up there in top 8. This time he even got her 2nd place at mlg! If bit wone that first match in winners finals, things could have gone different. It felt like he gave up halfway the second match during grandfinals.


Two years ago if someone had of said 16 bit will get second at an mlg with a rushdown character I would have called them a fool. I honestly can't believe how you went from a huge advocate for zoning and were an extremely successful player playing the keep away game even at some points questioning CD's rushdown kitana. The fact that you are now not only playing a low tier rush down character but your also placing top 3 with her is astounding. Huge props to you 16 bit your fundamentals are insane and i hope to see more catwoman in top 8's in the future

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If 16 bit was playing a better character, he'd have won at least one major at this point in the game's life. He's ridiculous at this game. Congrats @GGA 16 Bit. Well deserved!


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I was waiting for underthemayo to make the thread. Goes without saying congrats @GGA 16 Bit for an awesome performance and being such an awesome guy for our community (NRS and for Catwoman).



Phenomenal performance. That path was anything but free.

Performances like that are why I think character loyalty is such a rewarding experience.

Props steve.


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It's honestly amazing that @GGA 16 Bit can have such success with catwoman. It seems impossible to not root for you (even though you dropped Frost :p)
Like Eric said, "but any time I even begin to think about switching my main I remember 16bit and go back to grinding it out." Props to you sir for getting 2nd place at MLG with CAAAATWOMAN!
Bit is awesome, legendary pop offs, character loyalist to the bitter end, and backs it up with amazing play. Crazy that he almost didn't go to final round and has three top 8s and two 2nd place finishes since he decided to go.

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I heard 16 bit called the security on theo after grand finals.

In all seriousness congrats to bit! I started with Catwoman and just could not play sucha shit character but he knows all the MUs so well it truly is amazing to watch. Good job sir!


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@GGA 16 Bit

Incredible performance as usual. Like I was saying, not playing a better character not only forces you to build up the knowledge and skills as you mentioned, but it just goes to show how good you are as a player.

I've been in the stream chats of just every tournament you've played in, and I've noticed that, thankfully, this has been echoed by those who see you play for quite some time now. Rejoice! And here's the scene we discussed

One could say if only you had the same passion for another femme fatale, but that contradicts the point of playing who you love. It would be like someone asking me to play Sinestro
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Either way, it takes the title of "Dumbest Move in the Game." Which used to belong to Earth Shake.
Nice downplaying :DOGE

On topic- To be fair, 16bit did say he was going to lose...fortunately he also said he'd put on a show and he didn't lie both times! We were all cheering for you @GGA 16 Bit , you found a way to overcome a lot of things and you'll find a way round the Thousand Fishstick Slap eventually too :16Bit
A Catwoman placing 2nd at MLG can only be explained by S tier bracket rigging skills. :DOGE

Congrats. Even if you had zero confidence that you could take it over Theo, I was still hoping you would somehow pull it off. Just to see the popoff of the century. :)