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Question What is the point of Using Amazonian Smash in a reset. If your Opponent can back dash out

The Highlander

There can be only one
It's like any situation where you read a backdash then, and they can't in the corner which is where this is primarily used, either delay a b2 to catch them or chase them down with a dash or instant air dash.


Joker waiting room
You do realise that move is meant to be used in the corner, right? You can also reset an opponent at +6 near the end of a combo very suddenly before they realise you haven't went for an autopilot combo.


You use Amazonian smash to deny your opponent a wake-up while leaving them in your b2 range at disadvantage, once they respect that they cannot wake up you can truly mix them up after lasso grab with F3 cross-ups, B2/33 mix-ups and blockstrings, with occasional Amazonian smashes to keep the opponent in check. MB Amazonian smash also launches.