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WHAT IF Regional Matches OR Tournament


Hello Everyone,

I have an idea Regarding Mortal Kombat. WHAT IF we start Mortal Kombat Online regional matches or tournaments as a team? For example, I am from Pakistan and for MK11, we have around 15 to 30 Players. So WHAT IF other countries can play with us or other countries play each other like DOTA, CS and others games do the tournaments. Fighting Game community isn't mainstream due to solo tournaments, but as a team, FGC will grow and more people start to watch fighting game matches it will be more fun. If you guys ever play the Raid Team Mode in MK11 where we press the buttons and help our team against AI so WHAT IF we start to play as team matches and represent our country to city as players?

Like in Pakistan PVGF is a community that has MK players and other players as well.

We have good ping against UAE, India, and some Asian counties as well as Players. I am here to invite players that can play with us or play another country where your ping is good.


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There has been team battles, exhibitions, and tournaments before. And other fighting games have done country teams as well, typically teams of 5 players. It’d be pretty difficult to organize this at an offline event. Mainly because it’d be difficult to get people to travel from country to country just for this especially with Covid still being a thing and the vaccine stuff. So it’d have to be online.

I think the best option would be maybe a league format? Unless everyone just wanted it to be one single tournament. That said, I’m not sure if the interest is still there for MK11 anymore. But I do think it’s an interesting idea and I definitely could see it being a cool thing to try in future NRS games. Or of course, if there’s enough interest in a current MK or NRS game. I just personally don’t think there is, and I don’t think most of the top players would participate unless there was a large prize pool and what not. Like I said, mainly just because of the current lack of interest.


The Online Tournaments is going option to save travel, accommodation, and refresh expenditure and yes there should be a league format and people are not playing MK11 but still often players play mk11 if you search youtube and the large prize pool is difficult to do in the online tournament because mk11 or any fighting game viewership is very much but yes if start this kin of tournament where country or city to players can participate in the tournament than hopefully in future games prize might be better.

However, people should start a team tournament again

Please share with me the link before MK11 Team Tournaments

and IIf Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, India Bangladesh players are to be here then please contact me for Team Tournament.