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What does shang say during fights?


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Can anyone translate?


And ishundai-su!!

Just curious. Some girl told me it was probably 'what are you doing?' But she wasn't sure. Best I can tell its in Chinese.


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I'm familiar with the gibberish lol... mk2: 'oh I'm gonna throw you ova there!' haha..

but I think this one has real words, they just sound different. I could be wrong, but it's very Chinese sounding (I watch craploads of korean/jap/chinese foreign movies so I can tell them apart pretty well).


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I'm pretty sure ishenti su means now you die. I have a very poor memory of a little Chinese but su means dead/die IIRC


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I have a friend who is fluent in Chinese and lived in China for two years, teaching literature at a university, so figured I would make a fool of myself and ask her what she thought. She had this to say:

"Shentee" is "body" and "si" is to die and "nee" is you, so maybe it could be "your body dies!" But I don't think anyone actually says that.
It is funny that this Ishenti Su phrase first sounded to me like Nicherta Se, which here in Russia means something like DAMNNNNNN!


Honestly, MK has the best audio of any fighting game. I love gibberish.

He does have a rapey "YEaaaass!" when his X Ray lands.


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One word is difinitely ending with aka, like something OGOSAKA ! Other is something like : ISHESAIFU ! I like this shit, it's so cool in battles.


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Funny that one day I found a few words on that on TVTropes. Basically, an author says that at one point Boon (?) admitted that "what Raiden says during fly is a gibberish". That particular part sent me laughing. I mean, does that imply that the rest of stuff in the game is not gibberish? :D

"Shentee" is "body" and "si" is to die and "nee" is you, so maybe it could be "your body dies!" But I don't think anyone actually says that.
It's better question whether it is proper phrase in some language or just something that is supposed to remind us of some words for our imagination to do the rest. Whatever is the answer, this explanation kinda makes sense... We all know that in MK 'verse it's only body that dies, while uncle Shang takes care of souls :)