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What do you want Sindel to be like gameplay wise?


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Do you feel she will be broke or trash? What style of play will she be: Zoning, Rush, Balanced, Footsie?

Personally I feel she will be a Zoner not intentionally but because she will have an amazing air projectile similar to cetrions hell beam. But I also think she will be Rushdown not Grappler but mix you up in your face character.
I'm hoping she gets this:

Air Projectile: that is vertical and lifts her off the ground like cetrions but cooler Cuz its the Queen.

Low Projectile:
This will be like her old projectile but compared to Lius low fireball.

Buttons leg Mix:
I'd like her to have multiple low starters that involve kicks and have a cartwheel special that hitsoverhead maybe knocks down and is unsafe.

I hope she has Scream extension that allows hitstun to combo from and maybe restands opponents?

Hair attacks:
These could give her range like scarlets whip but hers could be a mid or low? Her buttons could have one that has a extended range with hair attack. Also a special move that uses her hair to pull them in?

What does everyone else think?


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I want a rush down. She seems like a dominatrix so she should be chaining people up with her hair and stepping on their face and shit not slinging fireballs from left field.

I never played her much so I can’t speak on her traditional playstyle but I play shao and Shang so I already have the footsies and zoner. Make Sindel rush and ash balanced and then I’m set. I’m hyped to try her either way tho honestly.


I want her projectiles be usable like in MK9. High, low while lowering hitbox and air diagonal projectile.

Her hair should be used in some strings for flair. She should also have a hair grab attack with the range around Jades B1, punishable on block. AMP version would launch.

She should have Scream. Regular should restand and AMP should extend combos.

I like your cartwheel overhead knockdown idea and a low starter.

Her combo damage should also be in mid low territory. Something like 23-26 for a bar and 32 for 2 bars.

~sarcasm on
Her FB should be a fullscreen 5f mid teleport and +25 on block
~sarcasm off


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Great zoner and aerial fighter with a natural ability to get decent combos via scream stun. No 50/50s that lead to anything big, but enough that they can be pressured with consistently like her old MK9 cartwheel shenanigans.



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I'd like for her to have a zoning shell with her projectiles, but with also a gear move that replaces all of her projectiles with up close tools for pressure. Maybe cancels or combo extenders.

That way she could be both very aggressive and very defensive, just never both at the same time.
The fireballs should be useful and a good zoning tool especially if she can equip levitation in any form. But overall I’d say more rushdown feel.

No crazy mixups but combo damage is high.

I want scream to be a stun to continue combos.


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I have used her, and currently still do, competitively, in UMK3. She’s actually very good in that game.

I hope she can alter her jump, like other characters already can, with her jump in downwards air fireball. I hope she can do a decent amount of meterless damage off of a string that launches (it would be super unsafe on block though). I hope her scream can be used like in UMK3. Where you can immobilize them in the air with it, them then cancel back into another scream for not only more damage but also... swag.

Mainly, I want her old style back where she’s one of the most lame characters to play against but also looks the best while doing it AND one of the most fun characters to actually use yourself.


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I hope she has something similar to Black Canary's Canary Cry that can be used in combos.


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I'll play her no matter what! But my guess is she'll be a mid-range character like Jade, with the hair used more in normals like a 'weapon' this time.

I'd be down for rushdown, honestly, so long as the fireball/low fireball/air fireball are still in to zone when necessary.

I would love to see the scream go back to its UMK3 style where it can get people out of the air. I imagine you'll need to amplify it for the restand, but it'd be nice to have the anti-air capability back. Black Canary had a very UMK3 Sindel-style feel to her level 2-3 trait screams (Raiden even called it out in his intro with her).


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Bottom line...Sindel will be AMAZING and with her Nightwolf being DLC I look for them to both have qualities to make them worth paying for. They both have a variety of moves they can use. I just hope if they don't give her one of those dresses without a belt like Jaqui and Frost. With Jaqui it works, but on Frost it looks stupid. On Frost it looks like Pajamas. It works though on Kronika. I don't know. I really wish they would stop with the kilt things. Thankfully we have alts. Anyway, Sindel's revanent render has a bow at the waist which I like. Back to topic....I would love for Starfire-like hair. They managed to make me like Shang Tsung which is hard to do so I have faith in her end result. But she will still be awesome. Rain as DLC would be too but I digress. I would even settle for his MK9 build. Okay...rant over. lol

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Yeah, cause I hate that bitch. lmao

Randomly tossing out standing 1 in neutral, just because it's such a good move that it clips everything (walking, dashing, advancing normals, jumping, etc) and also converts for her. And teleporting once you finally walk her down.
play scorpion! :D