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What do you think MK12 should play like?

I'm all for the slower speed of MK 11, but whatever they do, fucking bring back character identity. Too many characters play basically the same because their unique and iconic tools are nerfed to boredom.

I don't mind that there's a build for sub zero that lets him do safe damage with lots of + frames, but I do mind that we don't have a corner trap ice clone option, and the closest thing we do have is "sometimes" worth the gimmick. That's a failure of design on a critical level.
time for some necroposting I guess

  • raise the game speed back to MKX levels
  • keep Krushing Blows but either remove the xray closeups entirely or have them on a toggle, they break the pace too much. Counterhits are perfectly fine however
  • change Fatal Blows to being once-per-round again, having them regenerate upon whiff is just silly. No comeback mechanic should operate like this
  • change Perfect Block to have a more prominent role. Tighter window but bigger pushback, more recovery for easier punishes, and meter reward
  • unify the Offensive/Defensive meters
  • leave Wakeup Rolls in but instead of costing meter just make them throw-punishable
  • give everybody (or at least most of the cast) an invincible reversal
  • make projectiles clash with each other instead of passing through. Fireball wars are more hype than two people throwing an ice ball at each other and standing there frozen for several seconds
  • make d1 and d3 chain/link into either each other or into standing normals, or cancellable into specials. D1 into Throw looks dumb and clunky and I can't believe NRS are okay with this being a thing
  • make EX moves an input alongside the main move command, the current "meter burn" timings for various specials are very unintuitive
  • bring back running (but at a slower speed) or make dash blocking an actual mechanic so people have mobility options
  • change Breakaway to be like Guilty Gear's burst where it has its own gauge. Alternatively make it like the 3D MK titles so you have a limit number of uses per round/per match and introduce an element of strategy whether you want to escape being juggled
  • give everybody a proper frontflip/backflip animation (except for the bigger body characters obviously), the jumps look very stupid in recent NRS titles. This also changes everyone's hurtboxes mid-air
  • keep the dial-a-kombo system, it's been a staple for MK games since MK3
  • change all inputs to be quarter/half/full circles instead of the awkward directional taps
  • add a universal superjump command to help characters with poor mobility or help matchups against oppressive zoners to get in easier since right now you sometimes have to rely on Interactables that prop your character out of the corner/forward through the stage
finally here's the most controversial one - REMOVE THE VARIATION SYSTEM. In MKX it was a very interesting concept where character playstyles straight up changed significantly based on the variation you chose (though of course due to questionable balancing some variations were simply superior to others). In MK11 all they do is gimp characters by removing certain specials from their movelists, which players have then to fix themselves through the custom variations (which arrived too late and should've been there from day one). That's not to mention that up until a certain patch, everyone only had two tournament legal variations whereas X had three.
If NRS don't want to put as much effort into making characters truly unique then get rid of variations entirely and instead expand the movelists across the board