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What do you think MK12 should play like?


Yup. In MKX he was fun to play. Your main midscreen punish was f12b2 into b14 fbrc into 214 electric fly for 28% meterless. His b2 was the same as it is in MK11 except it recovered way faster so you could combo from it. Midscreen you could something like b2~run b14 electric fly. In the corner, you could loop it. b2, b2, 214 ex shocker, b14 fireball for like 42% and leaving you around +15 lol
+15? Run cancels? Must be nice.

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MK11 wasn't boring because it was neutral based, it was boring because characters lacked complexity, lack of combo creativity, the wakeup system which made meaties basically non-existent, and the FB minigame.
Exactly. NRS' idea of a "neutral based/grounded" game ended up being everything you mentioned, which is absolutely what made the game boring. Agreed 100%.


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Exactly. NRS' idea of a "neutral based/grounded" game ended up being everything you mentioned, which is absolutely what made the game boring. Agreed 100%.

That is sadly true. I just don't get it. The neutral in this game CAN be really good IMO. But give every character more moves, more dirt, and keep it fighting game honest on knockdown, and (if it's not broke why fix it) just have a normal fighting game combo breaker, like how hard is that...


I don’t see why it would be more fun or novel for example to have a string like let’s just say f211+3…. You’re saying that it would launch itself. Ok, so to finish the string on block would be punishable, and if you see it’s blocked you would stop at f21. How’s that really more fresh than if the rather than the string launching itself and hitconfirming into the 1+3, you would cancel into db1 or whatever?
I was thinking more along the lines that different string starters would lead to different follow ups. For example, a F211+3 might launch high in the air for a big combo, but be death on block. Alternatively a string like B23 might only pop up a little bit for a smaller combo, but be relatively safer.

I was mostly just trying to come up with a way to avoid how almost every combo for every character is Starter into the exact same special move each time.


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+15? Run cancels? Must be nice.
Yeah the b14 acted like Noob's b11+3 in MK11. Restands and is special-cancelable. The hit advantage on his fireball was enough to where the opponent had to hold his b2 overhead starter, or his b33 low starter. Being in the corner against Raiden was a death sentence. Guess wrong and you're eating 40% into another restand where you have to guess again.

Also, the corner carry on that 28% BnB I posted earlier was absolutely insane. Unless Raiden had his back against the wall when he started the combo, the opponent was cornered no sweat. One touch into potential GGs.


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I was thinking more along the lines that different string starters would lead to different follow ups. For example, a F211+3 might launch high in the air for a big combo, but be death on block. Alternatively a string like B23 might only pop up a little bit for a smaller combo, but be relatively safer.

I was mostly just trying to come up with a way to avoid how almost every combo for every character is Starter into the exact same special move each time.
Ok I see what you’re saying, a bit more risk reward aspect. Although, probably one would turn into the punisher and one the “just throw it out there” one.

I wouldn’t mind more specials that launch personally that have different combo routes and advantages/disadvantages. Like, one is optimal damage but worse oki, one the opposite. Or whatever.

I think we agree in general though.


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It’d be dope if it played like if Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Street Fighter 4, 3rd Strike, and MK9 had a baby called “MK12”.

  • You’d have a run button
  • You’d have run jabs
  • You’d have kara jabs
  • The movement would be ultra responsive
  • Walk speeds in general would be fast (vs slow), but would vary depending on the character
  • The teleports would be proximity teleport attacks like in UMK3/MKT
  • You’d be able to parry like in 3rd Strike
  • You’d be able to Focus Attack like in SF4
  • You’d be able to FADC like in SF4
  • The overheads would work more like SF4 where none of them really combo into anything. Which will dramatically decrease the number of OH/Low 50/50’s
  • Throws and throw techs would work like in SF4
  • The overall speed/framerate of the game would be similar to MKT
  • There would be chip damage on every move except for throws
  • Whiffed throws would have a decent amount of recovery frames
  • No armored wakeup attacks
  • Can’t do a wakeup attack after a hard knock down. But hard knockdowns will be difficult to come by and almost impossible to do in long combos
  • There would be a forward dash and backdash. And you will be able to dash block like in MK9
  • You get 4 bars of meter
  • Combo Breakers are in, but they just reset the neutral. And they cost 3 bars of meter
  • Long combos will be prevalent and also rewarded over shorter combos
  • There will be a very heavy emphasis on footsies and spacing
  • Projectiles will interact with one another, like in 3S and SF4
  • You’ll be able to cancel normals with run and/or block, like in MKT. You’ll also be able to cancel them with specials.
  • The combo system will be a mixture of MKT, SF4 and also DBFZ
  • This means no advancing normals into combos. Advancing normals will exist for footsies, closing distance, and also for kara stuff
  • There will be some dial combos but they only activate after hitting your opponent, like in MKT
  • Block strings will of course be a thing
This is all I could think of on the top of my head, lol.
  • Absolutely no lengthy gameplay-interrupting cinematic mechanics like Fatal blows or Wager systems (just the worst)
  • Only one meter that is built up like normal (no auto recharge)
  • Make Krushing Blows MK's new universal mechanic (think of it as a combo extender or trait)
    • Costs meter
    • no requirements to perform
    • Keep quick satisfying xray-ish visual flare.
    • only one Krushing Blow per character, but effect varies per character (e.g. launcher, stun, bounce, bleed, etc)
  • More user friendly/less convoluted defensive tool (push block?)
    • also uses meter.
  • If variations, must feel unique. no kustoms.
  • Less homogenized gameplay even if at the cost of balance. (poke, throw, yuck)
not like mk11 that's for sure. more special cancellable strings. more juggle opportunities. more combos not being restricted by meter usage. get rid of mk11 meter system. get rid of breakaway. I would like to say get rid of the variation system but I feel like they found a good balance with it in mkx but mkx was also a better game for combos so who knows. if they don't plan on improving the variation past whatever their weird vision is like more variations slots, removing pre-reqs, or making all abilities 1 slot then they can just throw it out altogether

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Going to be honest here... I truly don't understand why so many people dislike how MK11 plays? I've been a fan since 1992; MK1, MK2 and MK4 for me felt the essence of what "Mortal Kombat" is in terms of gameplay (ok MK4 looked like a bag of infected nipples, but vastly preferred its gameplay over the MK3 Trilogy). It's what I fell in love with and it's what feels natural to me when I pick up a new game in the franchise. It's what I missed for over a decade when it went down the 3D rabbit hole and lost the magic and simplicity of what appealed to me about the franchise.

I freely admit I don't understand fighting game terminology, that's not what MK means to me; instead I'll be the guy at the pub having a drunk argument with you about how good episode 15 of Mortal Kombat Conquest was and whether it contradicted the lore in Mortal Kombat Defenders of the Realm.

MK11 feels like a truly natural, evolved and loving tribute to the gameplay styles of MKs 1 and 2 especially. I love its pace, I love how oldschool it feels, I love how your combos can be freeze + uppercut, or something far more poetically complex depending on your gameplay style. It rewards both simplistic classic 1992 gameplay and modern fighting game complexity simultaneously. It's a gorgeous marriage of retro and contemporary. And trust me, I suck, but I've done SURPRISINGLY well in Kombat League with my Cangaceiro-skinned Kano who literally has no special moves applied just to see if I could get by on classic 90s button mashing and simplistic move-sets. And the reality was... I can!

I have no complaints about how MK11 plays, it's been the first MK game for me since 1997 that truly connected with me like it did when I was an adolescent in the early 90s (though bearing in mind I didn't own MK9 until Christmas 2019 because I never owned that generation of consoles). After MK4, it felt like every MK game that came out was just trying to tackle the competition and be something it wasn't. My love for MK stems from lore-heavy amazing characters and hard-hitting stop-start gameplay mostly built around good old fashioned uppercuts. MK11 was that for me in spades and made me feel like a kid again. I love this game immensely and truly hope the next one genuinely builds off its foundation.
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needs to take more from MK9. it was simple and fast. 2 key words. breaker was perfect, why they messed with it idk...

tag? where the hell was tag?

xrays were like 2 -3 hits, not some long drawn out cinematic movie.

Neutral Jump Punch !!!! i loved that about mk9, you could anti air mother fuckers, and you can combo off it. just kept the jumpers at bay...a smidge

same jump animation for every character stuck out to me too. they all did a flip. easier to anti air also bc you could time it better.

mk11 had this float jump in or whatever, especially raiden, & skarlet. but kitana was the worst animation. your fighting till the death, not in the olympics trying to be simone biles, all gracefull n shit.

i also liked when you could do the kombat codes before the match. some of those were so cool, my fav was when shao kahn encouraged throwing.
just hearing that voice say supurb, excellent, well done!

3 fatalies each character. 2 gets old real fast.
but kitana was the worst animation. .., all gracefull n shit.
Pfft, hers and Kung Lao's are the best simply for the fact they they look elegant and graceful. Adds some personality to their character, shows off how their background affects their fightstyle, and something different to the always plain somersault flips or trampoline jumps.

3 fatalies each character. 2 gets old real fast.
Should drop them completely in favour of brutalities only. I can't recall the last time i did a fatality on purpose.


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I'm going to say this one more time leave variations out of it. I said it when mk11 thoughts entered people's minds and they called me all kind of shit. Now look what mk11 has become. Leave variations in mkx that was that game's draw and luster. Return to complete characters with an expansion on the injustice 2 customization. Bring back the soul of each character please.


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No breakers or breakaway. If you get caught in a combo there's nothing you should be able to do to get out of it.
there's nothing further you can do with Variations, take that away too. Let a character have full movesets from the start.


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I liked when MK experimented with new gameplay ideas, they should do that again if only in an alternate mode. And please god no more brainless alternate timelines/changing history garbage again, been done to death in too much media.


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  • Online modes, Training mode and Netcode. These are the most important titles in modern fighting game players. FG companies should have spend most of their efforts on them. MK11 did well, despite it's dull gameplay it sold more than 10 millions i suppose because these titles were really good.
  • Support by the companies. Everyone knows that NRS games will be %100 dead after two years of it's release. This is the thing that WB or NRS should have solve asap imo because just this truth makes NRS games less interesting than Tekken or Street Fighter in competitive players. Waiting the "must have patch" for 6 months? Expensive but not enough content DLCs? These are not support! Keep the games fresh, enjoyable and active for more than 4 years. i want this for both MK and Injustice games.
  • Roster and Gameplay. Give us 25 for the start but complete it to 50, why we always had to have around 35? Why they always needs to eliminate someone's favourite for the next game? Meaningless decisions which makes many fans unhappy. As i said before spend your time on character archetypes and rich gameplay. No one gives a flying fuck about your Unnecassarily long animations or celebrity names in your game. Stop trying to copy paste Street Fighter's gameplay. Crush Counter-Krushing Blow, Backroll-Backroll, Fast Getup-Delayed Wakeup, Flawless Block V-Revearsal, ex DPs-U3 invicible things. "But we have forward roll" woooww such an unique addition. Please be like a Mortal Kombat game rather than a street fighter game MK12. i love to play Street Fighter games don't get me wrong but MK games are cool in it's own way.unleash the combo creativity and speed, let us grind in training for years, give us the richest MK game ever.


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sounds like what most people want is for it to be poorly balanced, lol.
You can have balance or you can have big rosters like MKA, customizable abilities like MK11, and other things which increase playability to the casul at the expense of the competitive.

I'm kind of in the middle because I enjoy both ways of doing things for what they are and despite trying my best i'm never competitive enough to actually compete anyway.
Agree on some things already said and like to add some new. Here we go:

1. No more long animations FB - if anything, make FBs the new extra / one of two Fatalities in the way of 2-3 moves leading up to a final move in a new cinematic way. Tired of this move used as a cop out and taking so long, totally breaking the flow.

2. X-Ray - one move per character that truly does something like breaking an arm, neck, where bone and maybe some muscles are shown like during KB but more impactful, maybe slow motion and no requirements and no extra damage if blabla.

3A Camera options - I want the old dimensions back so relatively smaller characters on a background that is further away, deeper and shows depth far off in the distance. A simple option is to have various angles and or zoom functions to have characters appear larger and more of a zoomed in version of a stage.


3B Close up combat - I want them to try and take MK in a whole new direction that is risky but might be the future of fighting games, as in a much more cinematic 2.5/ 3D experience, as shown in the X and 11 trailers. Tired of all these games sticking to a 20-30 year old 2D plane. If it fails then go back , but at least try and innovate. We will always have 11 for the traditional style.

4. Simple Fatality - At least 1 of the 2 should be a simple old school fatality in a new coating. The killing someone 4/5 times in one sequence has been done and done to death. Beating a dead horse even. Time to go back to the simple yet gruesome.

E.G. Baraka’s MK2 fatality where opponent is impaled, slowly sliding down the blade. The twist could be on one blade w/ another waiting for the opponent to slide down enough to get their eye / mouth impaled as well.

5. Brutality combos - the entire combo system needs to switched up and I’d love one where each button needs to be pressed after the initial hit in a sequence, leaving 0,5-1 second room for opponent to interrupt / block and easier to pull off. The brutality part is that if you manage to do the long string combos, that a part of it is an animation where the final few punches you can just sit back and enjoy.

But also that you are rewarded for being fast and faster executed combo strings lead to more recovery time of the opponent - stunned for a bit longer than usual - and like in real life, the faster you hit, the faster the controlled character will hit. So this way you can actually pull off original Brutalities without the explosion and will be called as such.

It will also lead to great blocking sequences - no flawless block - that actually is more realistic so various blocking animations. Also gives chance if successfully blocked a window of 0.5 / 1 second to immediately hit and stop the sequence all together.

This is my top 5 most wanted gameplay aspects. Story wise I just want no time travel, no more Titans nonsense, somehow an involvement of the One Being and or Dragon King and finally just a surprising daring story that does not hold on to the restricted character driven chapters and truly pulls us back into the magical, Asian inspired mythology and phantasy origins. Roster wise all I need is: Havik, Ashrah, Smoke, Kintaro / Goro and a return of Baraka and Fujin.

If somehow NRS dares to be different then for once I’d like to see a boss battle be fighting several characters in a way that can be like MK1-3 / DA with a Moloch / Motaro / shokan and a boss in the likes of Shinnok / Shang / Quan or Onaga / Blaze.

However, unlike the cheap Kronika minion regular characters, have you fight 1 or 2 enhanced versions of a playable/ unlockable character between the goon and final boss. Think fast Noob / Smoke from MK2. This fight should be with the same energy bar as the goon fight or final bout.

If they decide to somehow make the story a mix of cinematics and conquest / shaolin monks (limited) roaming mode, then these final battles can be at a castle / temple where you will face the first at the bottom of the steps, the next on your way up and the final at the top. That is my ultimate dream :) For the ladder it can be just the fights in at least 2 different arenas.
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