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What do you LIKE about MK11?


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Let's try something a little different here. Even if you're one of those users who for some reason hates MK11 but spends all day on an NRS fan site, there's gotta be something that keeps bringing you back. So what is it? If they completely remade MK11 from scratch, is there anything you would want them to keep?

For me, they put RoboCop in the game, so I will always have a soft spot for MK11, even if he doesn't play how I would like.

For mechanics, I do like that meter is not tied to any other mechanic (though I'll acknowledge there are plenty of great arguments against this). NRS has proven they're not the greatest at balancing meter-management between characters, so taking that issue out of the equation was a good call, I think. I played Cheetah in Injustice 2, and it was almost impossible to ever build meter against characters like Batman, all while they're constantly building it back almost as quickly as they can spend it.

So, how about you? What do you LIKE about MK11?


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I like a lot about the game:
  • The graphics looks amazing
  • The Story mode is the best of all fighting games I know
  • Krypt is super fun to experience
  • Tower gameplay + augments + consumable, cool single player content
  • oh my, how I love so many brutals in the game!
  • the taunt system in the end (nice detail)
  • cool intro and outro system (I would love to see this outro by Shao Kahn - LINK :D)
  • so many items to equip and create your fighter
  • Netcode is great
  • I really like the KL system (reset after one month, rewards, 2/3 tournament feeling, friendly games option)
  • The roster is fantastic (I was waiting for Shao Kahn for so long)
  • Great practice mode and tutorials
  • Meter management (no more fullscreen "spam" to build meter)
  • overall the krushing blow system feels nice
This is what I can think about in 10 min
Just to get that out of the way.

I like a lot of MK11's concepts but would like them refined more. I think KBs are tight but also mismanaged across the cast. I like how the movement feels and I like that the meter system is swapped out for cooldowns as something different.
I like having choices like universal wakeups but also dislike how so many U2s lose to the exact action it's designed to beat (jumping).
I like that they finally gave me Fujin and Spawn.

For mechanics, I do like that meter is not tied to any other mechanic (though I'll acknowledge there are plenty of great arguments against this). NRS has proven they're not the greatest at balancing meter-management between characters, so taking that issue out of the equation was a good call, I think. I played Cheetah in Injustice 2, and it was almost impossible to ever build meter against characters like Batman, all while they're constantly building it back almost as quickly as they can spend it.
I think this part of the game gets a bad image but I also think it could be improved even with something simple like bringing more variance to the rate which characters cool down their bars. We already know each move has its own cooldown, but it's only really noticeable on a small number of characters to the point where the meter is constantly being misrepresented as universal when it technically isn't. I think a more drastic approach to this would make sense as an effective balancing tool for characters who are struggling or overpowering based on their amp usage.

I actually really like the custom variations system. I don't like how it's been managed, though. Some characters are pretty happy with the variation system and it's successful while others are extremely unhappy with the variations available and I can't blame them. Meanwhile dead moves and even whole variations exist and really shouldn't.
Being allowed to adjust your game plan with a loadout feels great and I'm glad they're still leaning hard into the custom attacks idea with no sign of stopping. I'd get lynched on the podcast or something for this but I do hope they continue refining this more in future games.

While I don't love the idea of getting punished for landing a combo, I like breakaway a lot better than breaker. I appreciate the counter play around breakaway and feel a sufficient reward for using an armor breaker. That said, I also play a character with an excellent armor breaker and good unbreakable damage routes so this part of the game never feels frustrating to me.
However, I also played Raiden when it was possible to break out of Storm Cell immediately and punish him. I'd like to see more of these kinds of situations cleaned up as they're simply not fair at all.
Ideally I think a breaker system should work like a GG Burst but it's too late for that now.

MK11 isn't my favourite fighting game but it's definitely my favourite NRS game and I still enjoy it.

For me, they put RoboCop in the game, so I will always have a soft spot for MK11, even if he doesn't play how I would like.
I am eternally blessed for Spawn. He turned out so well that I fully accept any possibilities of my bias towards this game, but I was also really enjoying it before he was confirmed. My hopes and prayers to the Robocop crew and anyone else who's favs aren't exactly blowing their skirts up.
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Things I like:

-Very well polished game in terms of graphics, menu navigation, tutorial, single player content, and online setup.
-I like how meter is handled, and I like the ideas behind KB, FB, and Breakaway, even if it doesn't always work out as smoothly in the actual game.
-I like that the game gives both players a lot of options and opportunities for counter play. I think it makes the game feel a lot less guaranteed, with less set play and simple flowchart options, but I like that the game seems to encourage trying to read the opponent and guess what they're going to do instead of simply reading the situation and reacting.


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  • Straight up a graphical marvel. Textures, quality, lighting, face mocap, animations (mostly), etc.
  • Voice acting is superb
  • Lots and lots and LOTS of great characterization for some of my favorite characters of all time via intro lines, combat lines, and story mode.
  • Game is one huge love letter to long-time fans of the franchise with things like movie skins, Tagawa Shang, references in skins / equipment / voice lines, Krypt easter eggs, etc.
  • My single favorite roster of any MK.
  • Menu UI is stellar throughout.
  • The single best practice mode of any fighter I've ever played, especially combined with all the information in the movelists.
  • Regenerating meter is a smart solution to meter build disparity in character design (something that plagued MK9 and X's balance).
  • Slower pace movement make spacing and zoning notable tools worth mastering.
  • Custom variation system is a cool idea for allowing player identity to shine through. Customs also help alleviate the potential of "extreme hard counter" scenarios. It very much needs more balancing, but I'll leave it at that as that's not the point of this thread.
  • Each patch hasnt entirely remade the game and multiple characters from scratch via pages of frame changes all at once.
  • 50/50s are generally designed around risk/reward instead of safe, guaranteed eventual opening up of the opponent.
  • A netcode so good I havent even ever thought about it since launch until this thread. Clearly fantastic and smooth since I take it for granted so much.
  • Character customization via skins and gear is a lovely addition that adds a lot of flair.
  • Aside from the first couple of patches, the very bottom tiers (save from Shao) have been competitively viable despite their shortcomings. I still get hype watching what Honeybee and Sonic are able to pull off with D'Vorah.
  • D'Vorah has become my favorite MK character of all time with how well they've pulled off her character and aesthetic. She was already great in MKX, but now she's truly monstrous and perfectly gross.
  • The Krypt is super neat. Dumb that it's pure RNG for drops, but a super neat design all the same.
  • Krushing blows make for exciting, explosive gameplay.
  • Fatal Blows are an interesting solution to the X-Ray problem. Definitely need more downsides though.

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I really like how dash cancels work in this game. It creates unique pressure opportunities, neutral situations, and even combos. Granted, I wish I didn't suck at wave dashing.

Practice mode is unquestionably the best it has ever been. I suppose the tutorial is too, but that's not something I did other than to judge the content.

The animations were a big step up from previous games, and the graphics are the best of any fighting game.


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- I like the pace of the matches. I tend to like my fighting games a little on the slower side (VF, classic Samsho, MK2, etc.) and MK11's speed is just about perfect.

- Obviously, the presentation is fantastic. The sound just kills it.

- The strings have purpose. Often in games with strings (Other MKs, Tekken), there are some strings which just are "there". Like, there's no reason to use them over other strings. MK11 tends to have fewer strings per character, but each one was designed to do a specific thing.

- Meter system. I think it's interesting.

- Krushing Blows. Overall, it's a fun system. Sometimes the crushing blow requirements are a tad cryptic, but I think it's a cool system that I hope they keep using in the future.

- Customs. Selecting moves could use some work. Personally, I think the "select your moves on the character select screen" feature that's in tournament mode should be an opt-in for the rest of the game.

- AI behavior sliders. What a strange feature. When the game first came out, my wife and I loved messing with it and finding strange hiccups in the AI.


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Personally, I think the "select your moves on the character select screen" feature that's in tournament mode should be an opt-in for the rest of the game.
I know this is the like thread but I wanna highlight this point because of my utter agreement. 5 slots is not enough for characters with dozens of possible variation combinations. Just having the ability to choose to do so would be a great fix and make all of our lives easier(including NRS testers) in practice mode and the like.


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For me it's all of the returning characters from mk9, plus their dlc's are as good as to be expected. I only wish the game itself was enjoyable for me, but it isn't.
Very grateful they brought back friendships too.


How has no one mentioned the net code?
-the meter system and the fact that keep away isn’t near as oppressive in this game tends to make spammy “fill the screen with crap” play styles non existent.
-most fun I have had playing footsies and shimmying in an nrs title.
-while people hate the kombat league, I do think it has its issues but the idea of seasons giving skins u have to earn in ranked is awesome to me as I am just spamming ranked anyway. I hate how in previous fighting games some guy who plays half as much as me has way more skins and unlockables because I don’t do any single player stuff.
-visuals obviously amazing and some really cool mechanics like Jax’s arm heat.


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  • graphics are amazing, art direction top notch
  • story mode is fun and entertainment
  • training mode is very very good, and the characters and moves tutorial are great for the new players to learn more about fighting game mechanics in general
  • Mileena is on it; fuck off the haters of her , hehe :p
Now , if you promote and create anothet thread about what we hate about the game, that's another story to tell, hehe .... :rolleyes:
Looks gorgeous. Is absolutely a solid fighting game. Not my favorite NRS title (this is as negative as I'll go I SWEAR) but its still an NRS game and I generally love what they do. Their story mode's get better and better with every title. As do their intros and especially the mid fight dialog!! I think playing ranked for rewards is a cool idea and i like it. I think specials that blow up break aways are a cool idea and a neat take on traditional block breakers. I think I've learned more about fighting game footies by playing this game than any previous NRS title.

Also continuing to release skins/costumes for character was awesome. 80's action icons as guests is a funny and unique idea (since there HAD to be guests no matter what, most likely). I'm not a supporter of guests but watching Robocop's outro where he busts MK characters over the hood of his cruiser will always be funny

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Aesthetics it's definitely something i do love about MK11 in all aspects.
The face models are the best I've ever seen.
The krypt is very cool, and I can see this evolving into a new IP if they want to make something different from fighting games.
Nathan Grigg's music
Stages are very beautiful, and everything feels like natural.

anything visual in this game feels like they grabbed a material and put on a 3D scan and put into the game.

I like the flawless block mechanic, I just think some of its things should've been already addressed, but i think it's a keeper.
The battle results analytics it's also great and gives you data on your opponents.
I like Kombat League.
I like the netcode
And two of the things I do enjoy, mostly because i feel like I was part of it, it's the tutorial mode and the training mode, I kept talking about it and tagging paulo, steph to my threads about some features they could add in their future games and to think that they took that very seriously and actually added both with many things I was wishing them to add it's just makes me feel overjoyed.

I may not like MK11 in general, but I can't deny this is the best training mode and tutorial mode for a fighting game since virtua fighter, I could only wish the game was just as good, but I still have hopes.


I like slower pace compared to other games. Stage and character design(look wise) is amazing, some characters' animations (Fujin, Sindel, Rain) I just can't get enough of and same goes for those taunts mid game. Voice acting comes with it and some of it is top tier (Sindel, Shang,..). Mechanics wise I really like flawless blocks and the idea of krushing blows. I hope they keep these for future games with a few tweaks. Also, it's MK, that's enough for me to like it. Where's my Reptile though?


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Jade is in it.

Also I like RoboCop & they used the voice & likeness of Peter Weller & the same can be said about Spawn & how they actually got Keith David to voice him (Now I wish for a Michael Jai White voice pack as that would be be cool too). I was absolutely shocked & thrilled that Sylvester Stallone actually voices Rambo (even though I think it was the wrong Stallone character: It should have been John Spartan from Demolition Man or Judge Dredd). I actually like Ronda Rousey voice acting Sonya when everyone thinks she’s terrible, she’s no Tricia Helfer but I like her better than Dana Lyn Baron & some of the previous voice actresses are far far worse.

I like how they do a tribute to the original 1995 movie actors with their own skins with their real voices. My favourite retro Sonya skin is in it & I like the other retro MK skins that were added. Cetrion is cool & Kronika is a neat concept. I love the arcade stage & the Shirai Ryu Fire Garden is gorgeous. I like that Fujin is in the game as he hasn’t been playable since MK Armageddon.
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Absolutely the best looking nrs game, I enjoy the mind games associated with kb’s + the animations of them. Gives the mkx xray vibes and that’s tight.
Tagawa shang is (chefs kiss)
& ...

dimitri vegas sub VA absolutely killed it (chefs kiss) :DOGE