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Question What buffs does Smoke need to become tournament viable in MK9 PC?


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I believe it is safe to assume that mk for pc will have the PS VITA patch, meaning smoke will lose his damage output completely. He'll only be pulling middlish 30s midscreen with piss poor oki options. Smoke will drop to mid tier, somewhere below sektor without resets or OTG smoke bombs. I suggest the following buffs to compensate for these debilitating nerfs:

-d4 is now +14 on hit
-b23 now has slightly more cancel advantage on block.
-b1 is now a true mid
-shake can now be cancelled 3 frames faster

These few changes allow smoke to become a much more viable footsie/lockdown character within b2/d4 range.

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b23 and d4 are the big things that need improving. b23 should be 0 on block which would allow hit-confirms to actually be reasonable on reaction when using that string instead of on more of a read. d4 buff would allow him to pressure a lot better than he normally does since it would help link into his other strings and provide more hit-confirmable links into smoke bomb.

Other ideas:
1) Ex teleport safe on block which could set up some mind games after the move.
2) Smoke away and Smoke toward now have the same properties as Freddy's teleport.

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I would like a better front dash and back dash. It really sucks when you dash and you get hit by an instant 3 from Kung Lao and you can't go under cross overs.


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Scorpion's mixups should have more frames added to be active about the same time they are in Injustice just for this matchup. Poor fella wont be able to do anything about them otherwise.


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EX drift invincible on frame 0 (like freddy)


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