What are your personal goals for MK11?

Discussion in 'Fighting Philosophy' started by MadeFromMetal, Dec 29, 2018.

  1. MadeFromMetal

    MadeFromMetal Heart From Iron, Mind From Steel.

    Although I've played fighting games my entire life, MKX was the first game I took seriously as a competitor. Since then, I've taken a few more games seriously and learned a lot about the more in-depth aspects of playing a fighting game. In the MK11 hype, like many, I've gone back to MKX and realized I was not setting myself up for success as well as I could have.

    1. I never really had an Oki plan. The options I left for myself were either "run up buttons" or "run up block". I needed to develop setups or at least give myself different looks and options by not ending every combo in the same way. I needed to come up with a way to eliminate putting myself in a 50/50 when I should be at an advantage by labbing setups that could beat multiple wakeup moves and timings.

    2. I did not have a matchup specific gameplan for each character/variation. I may have had tech for some specific matchups, but I entered each match with the same plan and playstyle. While MKX was big on getting your opponent to the corner, that should not have been my only goal in each round, especially against characters that had an effective means of escaping the corner.

    My goals for MK11, as a player, are:
    1. Lab oki setups for each character to beat their most common or most effective wakeup options.
    2. Have a matchup-specific gameplan going into each round.
    3. Make it out of my pool at a major tournament.

    What do you need to work on? What are your goals?
  2. HeavyNorse

    HeavyNorse Edenian Assassin

    I'm just gonna play it and have fun, really.

    However, should Jade be in it, I'll try and "git gud" with her, and maybe some other characters as well. But I have a few issues that prevents me from mastering certain things, such as being really bad at timing. It's why games like Street Fighter where you have to be frame-perfect with some combos and such, I can never pull off other than by chance.

    It's one of the reasons I like MK's string-combo gameplay, because it lets people like me be able to pull off some cool shit without having to worry too much about getting the timing absolutely perfect. And for someone who absolutely love fighting games, I heavily appreciate that.

    I love watching people being able to pull off some crazy combos though, so I'll be looking forward to see YOU GUYS do that once the game is out! No pressure though. ;P
  3. MadeFromMetal

    MadeFromMetal Heart From Iron, Mind From Steel.

    Any idea why you have timing issues? In SF, I've read of people using the health/stun bars as visual cues for when to press the next button.
  4. Tokiwartoothxdk

    Tokiwartoothxdk 『T R I G G E R E D』

    actually playing the game, unlike injustice 2
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  5. ATP2014

    ATP2014 The best mediocre Batman

    With less time on my hands than ever, my main goals are pretty small-scale:

    - Help grow the Dallas scene
    - Take a tournament scalp or 2 from higher level players
    - Continue the TX Kotal tradition (with some Lao)
  6. HeavyNorse

    HeavyNorse Edenian Assassin

    No idea. I've practised it a lot, mostly with Cammy in SFV, but even if I feel I am doing the exact same thing every time, it only combos at random. And then when trying to do it in an actual match it's even rarer when it actually combos. I just can't react fast enough to get the timing down correctly. *shrugs*
  7. villainous monk

    villainous monk Break bread over a whiskey n rocks. Like a man.

    Hopefully play mk11 more if my career let's me.

    Maybe attend a few tournaments states side if I'm close by or attend a few locals on my day off's.

    Try to learn more then 5 charaters so I don't complain about match ups.

    Turn off the game when I'm not having fun. You can't force yourself to learn and enjoy something when your not enjoying what your learning.
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  8. Krankk

    Krankk Smoke & Noob

    To actually get into fighting games. For some weird reason up until now I've rather watched tournaments and online sets than playing myself. Now I have a fairly okayish understanding of fighting games in general, but I wouldn't be able to block a mix up, if my actual life depended on it. The moment I attempt to perform a combo in a semi-realistic environment, my underdeveloped muscle memory completely fails on me.

    So when MK11 launches, this is my plan:

    1. Grab 2-3 characters, which I enjoy. Stylewise these characters would be Smoke and Noob Saibot first and foremost, if they make it into the game. Fallback characters for me would be Sektor and Rain. If these two don't make it in either, then I would look for the next closest one, which I like. But Smoke has always been my favorite MK character and one of my top 5 gaming characters in general.

    2. Mess around with them in practice. Just look, if I like their strings and special moves. If I like them and if the commands are easy. Then if I can string some combos together.

    3. After a couple of days look up some early guides, to see which strings are safe for those characters. Some BnB combos. And then back to practice range and try to get that down into my muscle memory.

    4. Online matches. Win or learn. I expect that I'll be losing a shit ton, but playing Overwatch for three years now turned me dead inside more or less. I don't mind losing as much as I did before. I just try to focus on myself and learn from my mistakes.

    If a couple of months down the road I feel like I have a decent understanding of the game and can pick another character and figure out what works well for their gameplan, I've achieved my goal. The next goal would be to get even better in general and maybe expand the roster, or hell even the fighting games.
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  9. Marinjuana

    Marinjuana Up rock incoming, ETA 5 minutes

    I want to take my patience to the next level. Playing Bo' Rai Cho(Drunken Master or gtfo) in MKX forced me to learn how to play patiently and I greatly improved upon that in Injustice 2 with different characters and Lord Raiden. I want to be optimally patient, I want to play more patiently then anybody, up to the point where I still am aggressive offensively. I got really good at setplay and maintaining my momentum, and then I got good at playing defensive and patiently. I hope to find the perfect balance between the two in MK11, the biggest part of that will be keeping my composure when things don't go my way.
  10. TackyHaddock

    TackyHaddock Salty Mashers Krew
    Premium Supporter

    Improve against command grab / grapple characters. I don't know what it is, but I just can't get good reads on command grabs, get caught repeatedly and never learn. Hopefully the Elder Gods bless me with the required knowledge to be a superior warrior, to jump or duck as needed.
  11. Evil Canadian

    Evil Canadian G O K U
    Royal Contributor

    Get a lot bigger on youtube so I can overthrow maximillian

    oh and beat a lot of peoplez
  12. G4S Pharaoh

    G4S Pharaoh No limit

    To continue my tradition of being a true character loyalist. I won't switch for anyone!
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  13. MadeFromMetal

    MadeFromMetal Heart From Iron, Mind From Steel.

    Patience in what way? Waiting your turn in a game like MKX could often lead to chip death. Do you want to be more patient in neutral?
  14. MadeFromMetal

    MadeFromMetal Heart From Iron, Mind From Steel.

    When are you getting caught? After plus frames? I know tick grabs are tough. Your first reaction is usually not to jump after blocking a poke.
  15. MadeFromMetal

    MadeFromMetal Heart From Iron, Mind From Steel.

    I plan to write down what exactly I lost to, in order to lab against it later. I don't want to be the guy who loses to whatever cheese is prevalent at the beginning of the game's life.
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  16. ImperatrixSindel

    ImperatrixSindel Too bad YOU... will DIE!
    Premium Supporter

    I am absolute casual trash, more of a spectator than a competitor, but if Sindel is in this time I'm going to try to make an effort to actually get my combo timings down better and like... not be terrible.
  17. HellblazerHawkman

    HellblazerHawkman Confused Thanagarian
    News Editor

    Put effort into sticking with it for more than a month. It's hard sticking with one fighter when you are into a lot of games, but I wanna give it a real shot here
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  18. LiangHuBBB

    LiangHuBBB Noob

    my goals?
    I want to keep out everyone with deathstroke, oh wait
    with any solid keep away character this game has to offer while not trying to receive any hatemails

    oh wait that doesn't work I guess lol
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  19. AbeW

    AbeW Noob

    Ugh,,,just shut the hell up and do what u need to do in the lab to counter every freaking character/variation dude. Your wordiness indicates that you have a lotta clutter in your head. Smooth it out and you may start winning. Goals....plan of action....observation...selfcorrection...(facepalm) u a middleschool teacher?
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  20. Saltea Moonspell

    Saltea Moonspell "I'm a zoner, with ma boner"
    Premium Supporter

    Looking forward to safe 50/50 vortex.
    Looking forward to mash as fast as I can, and get on with it.
    Looking forward to to play as lame as I can.

    Now seriously, I gotta be smarter when picking a character - Hat trick Kung Lao gave me emotional cancer and I started to smoke :(
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  21. RyuKazuya

    RyuKazuya Jesus is my Lord and Savior!

    my goals:

    1. Have fun
    2. Enjoy the game
    3. Enjoy the fun

  22. Tanno

    Tanno The Fantasy is the Reality of the Mind

    1. To comeback at MK11 since I did my own pilgrimage around the other FGs improving myself.
    2. To have fun with Sub Zero and Fujin (if he ever comes out).
    3. To troll my buddies here.
  23. stokedAF

    stokedAF Noob

    I think I’m going to try and get the online trophies this time around. I never really got into the science of it like frames, setups and such. I play mk largely single player and locally. I usually just have fun with it but Im actually going try to learn.
  24. I definitely want to get my first win in pools.

    After that, Evo Champ. But baby steps and stuff
  25. Eddy Wang

    Eddy Wang Skarlet scientist

    I think i will stream a lot when the game comes out, if i get a chance to compete outside i will do it
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