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What are your most used Ermac Combos?


Combos &/or Strategies

Mine is: TKS, aaHp, Hp, JK, Tele-Punch, TKS, aaHp, Hp, Lk.

also: TKS, aaHp, Hp, Teleport-Whiff, aaHp, TKS, aaHp, Hp, JK (or fireball.. Depends on how I'm feeling)

A really good strategy that really helped my game improve is when you run up and do Hk/Lk, Lp, they usually block and get pushed back due to the combo. So then after you wait a second and do TKS, because they'll usually not block. (can't do this on noobs)

Credit to 9.95 for showing me that strategy!!!

That strategy you talk about always catches me, it really gets my goat sometimes. Dont over abuse it though because your opponent will adapt very quickly.
Yeah rofl pretty much has the a crazy perfection of ermac....so i'd just ask him to make an ermac guide.

uh.h......my ermac combos are..

tks aahp jk tp tks RH tp aalp aahp jk sweep (sweep usually blockable)

tks aahp jk rh tks aahp aahp jk rh (dead) lk

and uh yeah


Too many to list but I'll list a few of my favorites.

Pop-up, JK, TKS, JK, Teleport, HP, JK 44%

Pop-up, JK, Teleport, TKS, aaHP, Uppercut 44%

Pop-up, JK, Teleport, TKS, OTG Pop-up, JK, HK 50%

TKS, aaHP, JK, Teleport, TKS, RH, Teleport, aaHP, JK 54%

TKS, aaHPHP, whiff Teleport, aaHP, JK, TKS, aaHPHP, HP, JK 71%
aaHP, TKS, aaHP, HP, JK, TKS, aaHPHP, HP, JK - 71%
Another one the same as above but 100% Just end in the corner with RH, HK.

TKS, aaHPHP, TP Whiff, aaHP, JK, TKS, aaHPHP, HP, JK - Forget how much

And that method you mentioned only works about once a game, unless your playing noobs. High level players will usually block that. A method that works for me is random TKS's, but random as though you'll know they'll connect. TP to TKS, Run Jabs to TKS, just mix those TKS's in anywhere you know it'll connect. And TP alot, but be careful not to teleport into a punish situation. Alot of time I TP out of a rush down/runjab, and I'll get blocked and then punished.


HK, LP, aaRH, TP, TKS, otg, HK, LP, aaHP, fireball, but with this, if they are near the corner, so you can end it with JK, RH, HK for 59%.

A tactic I like using is run in, aaHP whiff, teleport back baiting a jump in, this leads to a free aaTKS. From there, any of the standard high damage combos.

Decent damage combos vs Shang Tsung btw, TKS, aaHPHP, TP whiff, aaHP, TKS, aaHPHP, aaHP, fireball for 62%

Also vs Shang, cross up JPS, HK, LP, TP Whiff, aaJK, TKS, aaHPHP, aaHP, fireball, which just hits 50%
Anything that starts with a deep jk tks, quick jk tks, tp tks, jump kick tp tks. I like those. I like how the tks can just catch people and be unblockable. That's why I like him way more than human smoke.
wow, those combos are all sick as fukk.

i like...

TKS, aaHPHP, JK, Tele, TKS, juggle punch, uppercut

or the same set up except finished with; aaHPHP, fireball


Yeah I have that on my iPod :confused:

Do you think you can do those in UMK3?

My favorite is what he does to Jax!!!
Most of those combos can't be done in UMK3 because you can't whiff the knee in the two hit pop-up in UMK3 and there's a time limit between teleport punches.
Online - popup, Late jk, TKS, Run to the other side, RH, TP, Uppercut or RH.

Online - TKS, OTG, JK, TKS, OTG, LateJK, HK or LK.

Offline - AutoPOPup, JK, TKS, HP, RH.


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I can't resist...

-tks, run behind rh, teleport, aahp, tks, popup (hk, lp), jk, lp, fireball
-popup, jk, teleport, tks, run behind popup, uppercut or lp, fireball...depending on the opponent's size/hitbox
-(midscreen to corner) tks, hp, rh, teleport, rh, tks, aahpx2, jk, rh, hk...possible to get 2 rhs in the corner but very difficult
-(on robots or easy to relaunch chars) ANY combination including the popup or a first tks that leads to a tks ending the combo, aahp x2, jump into relaunchers
-(close to corner off a tks) run in auto combo (hp,hp,b+lp,hk, lk or hp,hp,b+lp,d-f lp...what I use)
-aahp, tks, aahp x2, teleport, aahp, tks, aahp x3, jk
-tks, aahpx2, teleport, aahp, jk, tks, aahpx3, jk (online the tks is dropped a chunk of the time)
-(close to corner) deep jk, lp, jk, lp (pushed back), tks, aahpx2, jk, rh, hk...pointless in a real fight obviously
-the 100's