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What are your least favorite Towers modifiers so far?


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Frost aura (level 2+) is actual horse-shit. I spent several matches last night playing against a Jacqui who pushed me into a corner and effectively stunlocked me for the duration of the match. I had absolutely no way of getting out.

Also I find the green laser grid to be really RNG. If you can get into a corner and play around it, it will have almost no impact. But if you never make it to the corner or get tossed out, and suddenly three lasers decide to shoot through you at the exact same time, it's literally insta-death.

These have been two of the most annoying for me. What are yours?

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Hailstorm is by far the worst one I've encountered. I'm convinced it's literally impossible without some modifiers that I don't seem to have. I had to give up at the top of the tower because I couldn't even get close to winning. Very upset about all the time I wasted thanks to that.


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The Dmg+darkness are really bad as it does effect the ai at all. And the control inverting ones can also go to hell.
Yesss the noob fight the goes dark every 5 seconds. I beat it but it was probably the dumbest one so far. I get they are going for challenging but turning the lights off? That’s stupid.


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darkness and the eletric floor .... annoying as hell fighting with one of them , and even much much worse with both at the same time ! :( :mad:


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Which one is that? Perma-armor once they're at 50% or whatever? Because there was a Shao Kahn fight like that in the Shaolin tower and it was ughh.
quans MKX armor runes would spawn on the floor under the opponent about every 4 seconds and there were 2 of them


Hailstorm and frost aura. Extra damage I can deal with. The inability to output damage back? Frustration city.

Also, there was a tower where all stages had ground hazards. I thought I was being smart by using my "disable all ground hazards for the whole tower" konsumable.
Did it actually disable all ground hazards all the time? No. So then what the fuck is even the point NRS?


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Frost Aura is up there with the worst and I've seen pretty bad ones and right now there is a tower strictly for jade but she has like 1 million health and on top of that they want to shoot random homing missiles at you.I hate the ToT so much.:mad:


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The Scarlet blood rain where you have to stay in a blood vortex or you loose health in 2 seconds and if she is in it she gains health. It was HELL.


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I don’t like the team one because I have gotten paired with people who don’t carry their weight


The missles. Makes the boss fight against Jacqui and Cassie almost impossible
I know exactly which one you're talking about. Cassie with a Jacqui assist, stun arrow and the three kunai. Then it's Jacqui with a Cassie assist and the same two modifiers.

It took me so long to beat that one. Literal horseshit. They even have extra health to go with it.


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What are you guys’ favorite Konsumables? Reikos ninja stars have saved my ass many of times and is probably my favorite so far. Are there any you would consider essential for beating this shit?