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What are Noob's infinites?

Never really got into him so I don't know jack about him..

The only infinite I know with him is in the N64 where it's aaDucking HKx2, aaLP, Teleport. This is a corner btw.

Tim Static

Teleport slam, aahp, walk in hp/lp, repeat

corner Telport slam, ducking hk, hp, telport slam, repeat

Clone throw, aaHP, tele-slam, clone throw, aaHP, tele-slam, repeat


Elder God
1. Relauncher (all versions)
2. Teleport, 3 Punches, Teleport (mid-screen (PSX, PC, Saturn)
3. Teleport, 2/1 Punches, Teleport (mid-screen (N64)
4. Teleport, aaHP, Clone Throw, aaHP, Teleport (anywhere) (all versions)
5. Teleport, JK or any hit, aaHP (clone whiff can be used), Teleport, Repeat (corner) (N64)
6. Kick Combo, Repeat (corner (N64)

O Juggernaut 0

2. Teleport, 3 Punches, Teleport (mid-screen (PSX, PC, Saturn)

I can't seem to get this one....any tips?

Try Teleport, HPHP, walk in HP to a Teleport cancel. Or HPHP, walk in LP to a Teleport cancel.

The easiest I do is Teleport HP, take a step HP, take a step HP/LP Teleport, repeat.
--{TP, HP, HP, HP/LP, TP}
Or Teleport HP, take a step HP/LP, Teleport, repeat.
--{TP, HP, HP/LP, TP}

Cancel would be canceling the HP/LP so that you still hit the opponent with the punch but you Teleport right after you hit them.

Just takes a little practice, but trust me his infinites are easy as hell.


Kital... Kabana... whatever, same thing.
I was just messing around with Noob tonight and tested out some of his infinites in the PC version.

vs Cage and Baraka (PC, PSX, Saturn):

Teleport, run aaLP, walk, aaLPLP, slight delay, Teleport...

The three punches works against all Male Ninjas, MK3 Jax, MK3 Kano, and Stryker. Although I didn't test every character, it didn't work on USub so I assume it will not work on Sindel as they have similar hitboxes.

All the characters that the three punch teleport infinite doesn't work on, just do the teleport into clone throw infinite. A note about that is that when the clone throws them over you, don't move until they go over your head then do a run burst aaHP or aaLP into teleport.

A good setup for big damage is if you land a disabler and catch them with the 4-hit popup before the disabler wears off, the combo counter resets and you get a free juggle with lp into another disabler. Run in for run jabs on wakeup and if they jump, cancel into teleport to catch them lol

Against any Male Ninja doing a jump kick that you block standing, you get a FREE disabler before they land. I'm sure this works against other characters too, just don't try it on Kabal haha

Shit, Noob is SO broken.


Elder God
there is a new infinite mixup found by one guy for genesis, it should work in CD MKT versions: Teleport, Clone Throw, aaLP, Teleport, repeat