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Welp Joker got in MK...Now what


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I imagine Joker will have his gas canisters. Why else would they remove Erron Black's sand grenades that he had in MKX?

Hopefully they don't just lazily rehash his MKvsDC fatality(which was then given to Shang Tsung in MK9). Make it a brutality instead. Maybe they can also give him a brutality where he uses his joy buzzer and fries his opponent into a charred corpse like he did to the mobster in Batman 89. They could refer to that particular incident by calling it "I'm glad you're dead" or "Hot under the collar".
“I’m glad your dead” is one of the funniest things in movie history


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I’d prefer that they give him his IGUA moveset. Definitely glad he’s in the game though. I just need D2 to have a long reach, avid flower back, and Teeth loops galore.


Interesting you bring up his D2 since you can't special move cancel those in MKXI. These D2 cancels are Injustice Joker's BnB combos. So this is something we know is changing for sure