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Welcome to TYM! You may use this thread to introduce yourself to the community. If you have signed up for an account but have not been approved, please use this link to contact us and we will get your account approved ASAP.

Please be sure to read our site rules before posting, located here.

If you're new to fighting games, I recommend starting here.

Otherwise, welcome to the site and feel free to start posting!



White Ramses
Forget my cold joke, i am here for thousand of years. Any new member from Europe, feel free to add me to play fighting games. Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, KOF Series, Virtua Fighter 5 if you wanna try it just like me. Classic Arcades.

And welcome to tym. This small community has many great names in it if you wanna learn how to play fighting games.

psn: White Ramses

i fucking love fighting games.
Not new to looking at TYM. Been lurking the shadows of this place since the tail end of MK 9. But I am much newer to actually posting.

I am a watcher of all things fighting games but a player of mostly only NRS (and really, mostly, just MK).

Been a fan of MK since my dad took me the arcade and whooped my ass in UMK3 when I was six years old.

Unless you're a local in my area, I'm pretty mediocre at the game, but I'll happily play anyone that wants to (am on PS4).
Been lurking since the end of MKXL, and I just decided to join now XD.
I always love MK from the beginning, the flawless block mechanic is what keeps me playing this game.
I'm in Asia, play the game both for fun and competitively on Steam.
I don't have a PC rn, but you can add me on Steam and we can play later XD.
My Steam ID: citropaz
And have a good day everyone.