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Question weird shiz...


"Trying to make me laugh?"
Hey so i was just seeing if anyone else had discovered this but, It's very similar to Wonder Womans strange B3 nerf which stops you from jumping in after it...it got fixed, then today it's been discovered that it's come back.

I noticed something similar with Hawkgirl. her meter burn mace charge animation is like suddenly extremely fast and it kinda glitches out in the corner if you try and fly cancel to combo after it. she just gets dragged to the floor :/

I hope NRS can do something about this for good. and fix other issues because everytime there's a new character/skin DLC released lots of shit in the game starts bugging out..
Might be a side effect of the mace charge nerf. I hadn't checked that yet. I am so conufsed right now, they nerfed mah Hawkgirl but buffed my Adam? I'm hoping for hidden buffs for her and hidden nerfs for him, cause otherwise that just makes no sense :s

(My Adam doesn't mind in the slightest though, he's just puzzeld)