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Weapon normals

I've been thinking about how mk11 did variations wrong where mkx did them pretty right. I feel like some of the variations have been stifled because they have some sort of mid to long range weapon normals in their base kit and part of mk11s initial design points were like a how can we incorporate a weapon into this character's personality. Part of the way mkx had it was there was some kind of rushdown variation and if the character was known for having/conjuring a weapon, they would have a weapon based variation. Just a rant though


What a day. What a lovely day.
Variations, in general, are flawed by design. It’s incredibly difficult (read: damn near impossible) to achieve balance when you’re trying to design a base kit that can somehow fit 3 or more different play styles at once. It’s why we have different characters in the first place.

MKX did a better job of it, yes, because it was strictly designed for it, but these shoehorned variations in MK11 aren’t cutting it for the most part.