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"We All Must Pay Tribute!" Kollector Combos Thread


I Protect The Fridge!
We will post Kollector Combos in this thread.

I will begin with his BnB's for now:
1- Awesome moves wiggle wiggle arms end with blue light in yo face KABOOM
2- More awesome moves oh wait Green Flames WATCH OUT!
3- Mace hits them ribs, G_G?

More combos TBA soon ... Stay Tuned!


Let’s see whose fire burns hotter
Liu Kang pokes between those wigle wigles, d2’s into crushing blow, juggles, ends with bycicle crushing blow. Round one taken 48B190FF-5816-41AC-8013-352710C39208.jpeg48B190FF-5816-41AC-8013-352710C39208.jpeg
Let’s just make it clear. Are we only going to post competitive mode (preset variations) combos here?if not we will make a separate thread for it