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War of the Gods Week 9 Pools Tonight 6PM EST


Confused Thanagarian
News Editor

War of the Gods is close to finishing up this season, but we still have 1 more week before we have our Top 8 for the Finale. We have some locks, we have some shakeups, and we have some people who might just be aiming to throw things off and get a few bucks along the way.

So after last week's event, the Top 8 advancing to the Finale is as follows:

1. Method SylverRye (715)
2. Noble Semiij (675)
3. Noble Rewind (580)
4. CLN TitaniumTigerzz (465)
5. DF Grr (465)
6. Noble Tweedy (460)
7. HZRDS Knicks (415)
8. EMPR Kombat (405)

If my math is correct, I think the Top 3 spots are the only safe ones. Should they do well, Nubcakes (9th and 355 points) and TSS Deoxys (10th and 330 points) have the opportunity to overtake one of those Top 8 slots. Should make for an interesting night, with $1,200 on the line, I'd expect to see these guys going hard. And you can watch it all on Stream.me sometime in the next hour or so, don't miss it!