War of the Gods Week 2 Top 8

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    Hey, look at that. There's no spoilers in the title. It's almost like some stuff went down that you should know about during the War of the Gods Week 2 Top 8. So if you want to go watch the archive, go here or here. Otherwise, I'm gonna be talking about stuff down below.

    So the streak is finally broken. After 10,000 years (8 weeks? in NRS time) Noble Semiij's War of the Gods Top 8 streak is broken. In a dominant showing by bc Biohazard, the run through Loser's proved to be too much even for him to handle. And this was after taking out the Season 2 champ, Noble Tweedy, and HZRDS Knicks.

    With Semiij out of the way, somebody had to take the title. And apparently, Method Sylverrye was the one who wanted it the most, taking out Biohazard and resetting the bracket against RLN TitaniumTigerzz in the Grand Finals. This just goes to show that nothing is set in stone, and anybody can step in and take some points alongside that weekly cash prize. Registration for Week 3 is open right now, go sign up (it's free)! We've had some new names in both Top 8s this season, don't feel like you can't hang just because you are up against some top players.
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