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War of the Gods Season 3 Finale Top 8 and Results and an Announcement


Confused Thanagarian
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Coming in right off of Summer Jam is the War of the Gods Finale. For most of us, this is a fun addition to the great matches we already saw today. For the rest, it will be the difference between going home with an extra grand in their pockets or eating ramen tonight.

Same routine, click that spoiler for the rundown and results. Not going to the "here's who's in it" thing because it's in that sweet image above. This will be it for today, but we've got SCR right around the corner, so things are done just yet. And as always, TYM will have your back if you aren't around to watch this stuff live.

Typing at the end of event, there was a teaser for something called "War of the Gods: Legends" during the Grand Finals. Is this a card game? A moba? New season? No clue, but we definitely have some more WOTG stuff coming. So keep an eye out for official word once they unveil their plans.

Starting us off was Noble Semiij playing HZRDS Knicks. It was a release day throwback, with Semiij playing Catwoman, Knicks' playing Darkseid. Looking to prove the chat poll wrong, Knicks took game 1, once again showing that Semiij is not invincible. But looking to prove that he was going to win, Semiij came back to win game 2 without losing a health bar. Semiij carried that momentum forward for another 2 games, winning the set 3-1 and sending Knicks over to the Loser's Bracket.

Next up, we had Noble Rewind playing Nubcakes. Nubcakes came out like a madman last week, winning the final round of War of the Gods to secure his spot in the finale today. Playing that same Batman that took him into this finale, he faced off against the EVO champion's Atrocitus. Thinks didn't look great for Nubcakes at first, but he flipped things around to take game 1. The loss prompted Rewind to switch over to Firestorm, the switch looking like it was going to pay off. However, a dropped combo led to Nubcakes saving his last bit of life and taking another game. Rewind was able to get something going in game 3, but Nubcakes came back to win game 4, taking the set 3-1.

Following that was MCG TitaniumTigerzz playing Method SylverRye. Still rocking Hellboy, SylverRye was up against Tigerzz's Atrocitus. With the ballsiest MBF3 in WOTG history, Tigerzz took game 1 with a sliver of health. The loss pushed SylverRye over to his Batman, who wasn't able to turn the tide against the giant metal kitty. Tigerzz was able to take the next round, winning the set 3-1.

In a NRS first, Noble Tweedy unveiled a pocket Catwoman in his match with DF Grr. The surprise pick did the trick, Tweedy took game 1 in a stellar first showing with her. He repeated the performance for game 2, but Grr repeated his Summer Jam performance and stopped the 3-0 with another game winning super. The repeat stopped there, Tweedy took the next game and won the set 3-1 with his newest character.

Next was the first match in Loser's with Knicks vs. Rewind. Knicks stuck it out with Darkseid, Rewind swapped over to his Blue Beetle. Losing game 1, Rewind decided to rep the new Noble mascot, Catwoman. Thinks looked bad at the start, but Rewind turned it around to take game 2. Now playing Black Manta, Knicks was trying to prevent getting Catwoman'd out of the finale. After another back and forth, things went down to the wire, with Knicks closing out the set 3-2, sending the EVO champion home.

After that was the Summer Jam runback from a few hours earlier: Grr's Atom was hoping to beat SylverRye's Hellboy for the 3rd set tonight. For the LITERALLY the fourth time in a row, Grr won game 1 with another super. SylverRye broke the streak for game 2, and the streak was officially broken when Grr took the next game sans super. SylverRye took another, taking us to another game 5 where Grr won, taking the set 3-2.

In our next match in Winner's, Nubcakes almost had a sort of perfect against Semiij, but Catwoman knows just where to hurt Batman. Semiij went up another game, and eventually took the set 3-0 in the Week 9 runback.

Closing out the first round of winner's, Tigerzz and Tweedy played, a match with a lot of beef behind it. We had a double hidden select that revealed itself to be Dr. Fate (Tweedy) against Supegirl (Tigerzz). Tweedy almost made a game 1 comeback with some smart orb usage, but Tigerzz took game 1. The loss prompted a Starfire swap, and Tweedy took the win after a poorly timed teleport led to Tigerzz killing himself from an offcreen projectile. From there, Tweedy just ran away with the set, winning 3-1 over Tigerzz.

Back to Loser's, Grr's Atom played Nubcake's Batman. After a quick guest appearance from AD Solo, Grr took games 1 and 2, seemingly putting an end to Nubcake's domination this past week. The final game also went to Grr, who took the set 3-0 and eliminated the guy who mopped him on Wednesday.

Next match was some of the beefiest boys in Injustice 2, Atrocitus and Darkseid played by Tigerzz and Knicks. Tigerzz took game 1, pushing Knicks back to Manta, who got him the game 2 and 3 win. Tigerzz attempted a swap to Brainiac to get things under control and took game 4. Knicks swapped back to Darkseid, but it was Tigerzz who took the win at the end, 3-2.

Going right into another match, Tigerzz's Brainiac was now playing Grr's Atom. Tigerzz's decimated Grr's healthbar fairly confidently in games 1 and 2, clearly wanting another shot at Tweedy. Grr wasn't going down without a fight, finally getting a win in game 3. It wasn't enough in the end, Tigerzz took the next game and won 3-1 to make Loser's Finals.

Winner's Finals got going after that, Semiij and Tweedy's Fate playing for the Noble team-kill. After losing game 1, Tweedy pulled out Catwoman to try and meet Semiij in the mirror. After Semiij showed him why it was a bad idea, Tweedy went back to Fate for game 3. Now with a point on the board, we were at a game 4 with Tweedy looking better with his Fate. Unfortunately for him, Semiij.exe kicked in and Semiij took the set 3-1.

In Loser's Finals, we had the rematch between Tweedy and Tigerzz. Clearly having learned from before, Tigerzz stopped teleporting and took game 1. Tweedy came back for game 2, Tigerzz returned the favor for game 3. Facing elimination, Tweedy felt comfortable enough to stick with Starfire. The decision paid off, Tweedy was able to get a 2nd win. Now on game 5, only one of them could win, Tweedy secured the win 3-2 and advanced to Grand Finals.

In a match nobody has seen before, Tweedy and Semiij rematched in Grand Finals. We once again had Dr. Fate against Semiij. Unlike their last match, Tweedy took the first win, looking much better than he did last time. Semiij didn't seem to like that and came right back at Tweedy with a near perfect (only taking chip damage) for game 2. Tweedy came back at Semiij's comeback with a game 3 win. As expected from these two, Semiij took another win, putting the score 2-2. It was either a reset or a finish, and Semiij was the one to take the win, closing the set 3-2 and earning his first War of the Gods champion title.

So that's that for War of the Gods. No word if there will be another season, but I would at least expect The Clash to continue for a little longer. Congrats to everyone who played tonight!


Confused Thanagarian
News Editor
If it seemed like I was gradually getting more tired as I was typing up the play-by-play, you would be right in that assumption


Confused Thanagarian
News Editor
No man, it was a great write-up. Reading the play-by-play made me sorry I had to miss it.
Thanks, that does make me feel a little better. Usually try and go more in-depth, but after 6 hours of Injustice (including Summer Jam) with another 2 to go, I just wasn't feeling going hard