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War of the Gods Legends Second Qualifier Results


Confused Thanagarian
News Editor

The final round of qualifiers for War of the Gods Legends finished up last night, and we now have our final roster for the invitational event moving forward. The first split event takes place in about a week, with WotG Legends past and present facing off in a series of Best of 7s.

Now joining the battle, we have TSS Basics and Hero Killer Stain. Basics will be playing with bc Honeybee, HZRDS ForeverKing and Noble Rewind, while Stain is against HZRDS Knicks, DF Grr, and Method Sylverrye. This first round is going down October 21st, to then take a break until early December for the finals, at which point Qualifiers open back up for another round until we have the players for the big finale.

If you want to see the details for yourself, the event page is here, pools and dates are here. If you want to catch things live, go swing by Stream.me. If you want to catch the archive from any WoTG event, hit that same link or just go to the Youtube page. Good luck to everyone playing, you are going to need it!