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VXG Sets Mortal Kombat Community Goal to "200" for Winter Brawl 2013


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We've come farther than really anyone would have thought with not only Evolution two years in a row, but also Major League Gaming. Needless to say, we've put some mileage on our beloved Mortal Kombat 9. And it's not even over yet as next year Mortal Kombat is confirmed to be at the Video X Games in St. Maarten in the Caribbean in the month of July. With over numbers for Mortal Kombat at NEC, the first VXG qualifier, we got over 100 players. The thinking here is that "the show's not over... we've got VXG".

Oh and by the way... whoever wins Mortal Kombat at Winter Brawl in February of next year - they will be going to VXG with an all expenses paid trip. Will it be REO again or will the "REO Assassination Militia Squad" (R.A.M.S.) take him out?



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I will most likely be there, and I think that they should raffle off a trip to vxg where your raffle ticket is competing for mk9. Then probably people might pick up mk9 for Wb, because they would buy the ticket, because of a chance to have a free vacation and their game could be there. They would at least enter bringing up our numbers. Plus people that want to go but don't have a big shot at winning will still go.


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MLG and EVO are realistically still the only MK tournaments worth travelling to outside of a 10 hour drive radius sadly. Let's not get any ideas from Tony-T who just happened to be on vacation and stopped by at NEC. I myself would love to go to some of these east coast tournies just for the experience, but the travel/prize pool $ just stack up against the odds of too many players.

Can the community aspire to have entrants in triple-figures consistently? Sure, but it's not gonna happen overnight.

I don't mean to sound like a pessimist or anything either, WB7 does look like it'll beat this year's turnout, so we'll see whats up..


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I heard Reo gave his trip to Cdjr.. so what happens if REO wins again and another player gets 2nd ohter than cdjr... does REO get the trip again cus he gave it up?? or will the different 2nd place get it?
seems unfair if reo gets it again..


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You know, for a while, this community seemed really down on itself. I felt it too. I was uninspired after the TYM crash. But it feels like we are so alive right now. Maybe better than we've ever been.

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When is Winter Brawl? I can't find a post for it in North America tournaments or under the Events tab?