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Viennality 2019 MK11 Stream!

Europe's Premier MK11 Pro Tour event, Viennality is going down this weekend. The stream is live right now, go check out who is gunning for tomorrow's Top 8.

live stream


First match was Liu Kang vs Shao Khan. Of course Shao Khan get his a*** kicked and switched to Liu Kang and equalize the game.
Liu Kang imba. I expect to see more and more PRO using him.
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Thanks! Was just gonna make a thread about this. Man the pools started early, but I guess it's late in the afternoon for them.
No, the room is burning 24/7, I've literally had a zit outbreak because of how bad it is and people are getting headaches.
I hope the commentators don't have spot lamps on them because yeah that's a deadly ass combination