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Match Footage Victorious once more

Saltea Moonspell

"And the mustard, is off the Hotdog" TB.
Hey Guys,

Most likely not many will reed this but I know that some of Us still lure around our forms so I've decided to share the info.

I've manage to will our last local tournament coming from LB and winning against Cyrax in Finals.
We had some little lag going on with xbox/ps3/2 adapters, but in general it was fine. That was our first Professional tournament in Leelup Bar.

Stream is running by Bartek H. The owner and some other guys, among them Iced_Taz - one of our local players.

The tournament had 12 attendants, 5 of them were from: Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia.

Enjoy the stream, the commentary is in English so You should be able to understand whats going on ;)

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Saltea Moonspell

"And the mustard, is off the Hotdog" TB.
Thanks guys, looking forward to hear what do You have to say about my finales and the entire tournament wise.

Eddy Wang

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I will, as soon as the videos get to youtube, my internet doesn't allows me to watch twich unless is recently recharged.


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@MoonSpell from what I've seen so far, you had really good conversions with your combos. I didn't even know you could still combo in the corner if up slash launches them behind u. One thing I saw that you could've done is when your opponent's low on health and you have them in the standing reset in the corner, if you have the meter you can just cancel into ex dagger and and do f2121+2. You can also add in some instant air daggers if you can do them, (not consistently, but being able to throw them sparingly, especially doing it on the 1st attempt) cuz I think they would help more than ground daggers in the Cyrax match-up. Other than that your skar's looking really good.

Saltea Moonspell

"And the mustard, is off the Hotdog" TB.
@Eddy Wang - Once we get them uploaded I will let You know.
@AssassiN - Looking forward to get Your feedback.

@RedRaptor10 - I discovered the conversion couple weeks ago during a practice while working on corner up slash switch. The trick is to input reverse directions in the right moment.
Regarding the air daggers - We had lags through converters and earlier in free plays I couldnt pull them off. So I'd rather not to risk a web. I was going through LB and i couldnt afford it. The risk of to high dagger would bring me death.

Saltea Moonspell

"And the mustard, is off the Hotdog" TB.
Well, it was hell of a challenge considering I was coming from LB and played on converters - couldn't go with meterless 46%, couldn't use constant IaD and so on...


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Good to see you guys are still playing, damn I miss MK.

I trust you guys will all be going in as hard as ever when MK:X comes out? :)