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Tech Various Okizeme Setups

Captain Oxygen

The end of one combo is the beginning of another

Here are some setups I've recorded. There's some other tech I might wanna record sometime.

0:00 (DBF2MB, B3, J2 -> Hook Charge) Crossup oki from Czar Toss, same crossup oki from 21/F21/d1-> hook charge. Also the same oki as the b12->MB hook charge setup we all loved from pre-1.06.

0:12 (J2,B2U1,D2,B3,Dash Up, 1 -> Hook Charge) Same crossup oki but off a meterless combo.

0:21 (J2,B2U1,113->DBF2MB,B3,Dash Up, 12->BGB,3->Hook Charge) BGB Quickstand you can get at the end of a long combo. This is the most common combo I get the setup off of.

0:34 (BGB -> 21 whiff) Off of some BGB's you can immediately whiff 21 and because of the way your character reels back if you dont cancel 21, you'll reel back onto the character from the other side. Just a silly gimmick I use sometime. It's still good Oki because BGB's are HKD.

I can record more Lobo stuff later.
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Your notation for your combo at 0:21 says "DBF2MB,B2,Dash Up," but it should be "DBF2MB,B3,Dash Up,". Cool stuff though!


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Not sure about that last one. 21 has hella recovery and your opponent can actually punish you. The rest are awesome tho.


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Going to implement these into my game for my weekly local this Friday. It's always streamed so I'll post up the results I get from these this weekend =P