Valley Stream Monsters Thursday Night Casuals at The Gamers Edge in Valley Stream, NY

Discussion in 'Atlantic North' started by 9.95, May 16, 2011.

  1. 9.95

    9.95 Noob

    The guys at The Gamers Edge want us to bring our casuals to them. They have a great venue, with 6 setups and room for more. We'll be able to play a number of different games instead of just MK9 or UMK3.(I know... who needs more than that, right?)


    The Gamers Edge
    413 Rockaway Ave.
    Valley Stream, NY 11581
    (516) 792-6965

    Every Thursday from 8pm to around Midnight.

    Lots of MK to be played...

    Brought To You By​


    The Kombat Network
    "Get Konnected" - -

    Stream Link -
    Streaming Every Thursday from about 8pm to Midnight EST
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  2. Ryukeshen

    Ryukeshen Noob

    Nice I'm so down for this. I'll be there this coming Thursday but after 10pm.
  3. Dark_Rob

    Dark_Rob Noob

    Well the Long Island scene is starting to get so big that its time to move it out of my little house. This is a great thing for us because now we have a guaranteed spot every Thursday where players can walk in and get down with other MK9 players and we can all help each other level up our game. Long Island and the surrounding area has some of the best MK players in the game like Reo,LI Joe,Chris G and many more and with they're help we can begin making L.I. the most dominant MK scene there is.
    A very special thanks to Jonas, Christian, and Biki of the Gamers Edge in Valley Stream for giving us a place to make this happen.
  4. Hitoshura

    Hitoshura Leave my cross to atrophy.

    Can't wait tot see all the diff faces from tym come for casuals this thurs!
  5. 9.95

    9.95 Noob

    One more day till the very first Valley Stream Monsters Thursday Night Casuals. I'm currently working on some recording/streaming methods...
  6. 9.95

    9.95 Noob

    well, it took me a solid 7 hours to figure it out... but providing they have a decent internet connection, tomorrow will be the first official Valley Stream Monsters Casuals with a real working stream!!!
  7. 9.95

    9.95 Noob

    5/19 - Leaving to go get REO in about an hour... Will be at Gamers Edge at about 7:30 to set up.
  8. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
    Lead Moderator

    Wish I lived there :(

    I'll be watching the stream!
  9. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
    Lead Moderator

    When is this going to be streamed and is it the stream linked in the OP?
  10. 9.95

    9.95 Noob

    The stream is going live in a little bit... and yes, the link is in the OP
  11. 9.95

    9.95 Noob

    Just wanted to say thanks to all who came out and supported at The Gamers Edge tonight for Valley Stream Monsters 5/19. We'll be back there on 5/26 for more MK and another stream. GG's to everyone tonight!

    Also, thanks to everyone who watched and supported the stream. I know it was about an hour late getting started.. that shouldn't be a problem in the future.

    I would love any feedback on the stream as well. I'm still learning and just getting started, so I'm hoping the stream will only get bigger and better. Please let me know your thoughts as well as any ideas and feedback.

    Thanks again to the guys at The Gamers Edge for giving us a great place to play our casuals.

    When I have time I will do some editing and post the videos to youtube.

    See you on 5/26!
  12. Dark_Rob

    Dark_Rob Noob

    GGs all around to everyone tonight. Lots of fun matches. I was the victim of the most horrific trolling ever to come from Reo's twisted mind. He tormented me to the very last round lol. Fun times.
  13. McNasty

    McNasty Moist.
    Premium Supporter

    yeah that was definitely cruel and unusual. Great stream overall. For the first time I didn't have to listen to commentators who don't know the game lol so that was nice.
  14. BustaUppa

    BustaUppa Westbury Nathan's 4 Life

  15. Scoot Magee

    Scoot Magee But I didn't want to dash

    Good shit to all who came. I can't wait till next thursday. Been in the lab working on my game pretty hard, hopefully it shows next time.
  16. 9.95

    9.95 Noob

    Just a gentle reminder that Thursday fast approaches... =)
  17. Scoot Magee

    Scoot Magee But I didn't want to dash

    Not fast enough. I need my fix.
  18. sibsonian

    sibsonian Noob

    ugh. i wish i could make this.

    thursdays i work and i wouldnt get out to LI fast enough since my sift ends at 10. if theres a throwdown on fridays, im in though! will def hop on the LIRR for that.
  19. 9.95

    9.95 Noob

    Once we have a few weeks under out belt I will talk to Jonas, Christian, and Biki(the GE Guys) about upping it to twice a week.
  20. styroteqe

    styroteqe Space Jockey

    Hopefully I can make it out this week.. tentatively a yesh for me.
  21. Evil_Riu48

    Evil_Riu48 Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    are you guys using a ps3 or a xbox to play?

    anyone here is going tomorrow?
  22. 9.95

    9.95 Noob

    the stream will be on a ps3... and we will have at least 1 more ps3 setup and prob. 1 xbox setup as well.

    Last week we had about 12 people... hoping to top that this week.
  23. sibsonian

    sibsonian Noob

    Sweet dude.

    This would be awesome. I would gladly be willing to troop out an Xbox if needed, since im going to have to bring a stick with me anyway. Please keep me posted if an additional night happens.
  24. 9.95

    9.95 Noob

    Tonight, 5/26, The Valley Stream Monsters Return!!! Come to the Gamers Edge and get your MK on!
  25. REO

    REO Undead
    Premium Supporter

    Well guys, I have some unexpected guests over so I'm not gonna be able to make it out today, I can't just leave them at my house without me there. I hear there's a tourney this Saturday so I'll see you guys there. Anyway, hope you guys have fun.

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