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V2 Robocop: An Indepth Guide of Stuff I Liked and How He Works


I made a video covering his most important tools, how to play him, what his problems are and what causes the issues he experiences, such as male/female hitbox limitations

Let me know what you guys think! I also would like to see any other tech you guys found with him. I watched Kombat win grand finals with V2 Robocop last night and it was good to know my video was accurate lol


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Overall, it's a good primer on RoboCop. The only points I disagreed with were:
  • f3 shouldn't be your go-to stagger string after landing a d1 or any other poke that leaves you more than +10. F3 stagger is relatively easy to see and react to, and f32 is even easier. F322 isn't special-cancelable and now the opponent knows you're either stopping at -10 or continuing into the high gunshots, giving them a free poke or punish. Standing 1 should be your go-to stagger after such pokes. Yes, it's a high, but it jails from d1, d3, b3, f2, and several other buttons. You can stagger 1, 12, or 121, since they still have to watch out for 121~special. Staggering into f3 on block is preferred since it's a 10-frame mid, otherwise standing 1 is what you want.
  • I disagree on the utility of b12. I mean, sure, it does the things you mention in the video, but he almost always has better options. If it hits, great, you dealt 7% damage. If it's blocked, you get to backdash or shimmy into pressure. F21 gets you pretty much the same thing but can be confirmed into bf2 on hit, amplified bf2 on block to remain +7 to +10, or finished (f212) to punish pokes with a KB or remain -5 on block.
  • I can't see any reason to ever waste meter on amplified bomb as a kombo ender. You're giving up damage for an easily-avoidable mid that leaves you plus if they choose to block it. Without any real mix to enforce his plus frames, the opponent just has to block low and watch for your throw.
I suppose points 2 and 3 come down to personal taste, but point one is pretty cut and dry. If you have the option to jail into standing 1, take it over f3, as it leaves you with much more stagger potential and on hit can easily be confirmed into Flamethrower to continue your pressure.


Those are good points! And to be frank amplified bomb I personally struggle to be persuaded to use, I'm convinced soon we'll find some sick tech with it, but as of right now... eh... better off just going for Arm CC Cannon ender.
I agree with your point on using F21 more than Back12 Far, when Kombat used V2 Robocop, it was F21 ALL day. I'll be making a match analysis of that soon.
And a 10 frame startup mid in F3 is pretty fast