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Tech Using probes to hit confirm


That Yung Big Body
To begin I have to give the obligatory "looked around to see if this was found already, but if so yada yada"

After trying to mix together a setup I found and a setup another player(PHISH)posted on the injustice subreddit, I was left with a pretty cool cross up set up that leaves lex moderately safe, and works in most situations. That set up being

113/b13/d1/f2xxmbGravPull, b3, j2, u3xxprobe~dash twice~j3.

The jump 3 crosses up and you can connect 113xxmbGravPull for another combo into set up if it hits. This set up works on tech rolls(still crosses up), and is best used when you have trait on(because you can be poked out of the second dash, though the probe will punish their poke out). You can get out by waking up or tech roll backdashing(but waking up isnt free because probe, and after the set up along with techrolling and backdashing the opponent travels pretty far backwards. I would say half a map, so its very possible they could be in the corner by now).

Now if you modify this set up a little you can use the probes to hit confirm your next mix up

113/b13/d1/f2xxmbGravPull, b3, j2, u3xxprobe~dash~then either f2 or d3.

If either hits the probe will juggle them and you can combo with a raw mbGravPull to put them into another set up. If its blocked you are safe and have many options. This does not work on tech rolls, but you can just mindlessly do this because the probe is out and even if they tech roll and wake up the probe is coming(its just a waste of time if you mindlessly do this and they tech roll). Obviously better when done with trait because the opponent can wake up.

Hit confirming with probes in this way requires you to be ready to mbGravePull as soon as the f2 or d3 finishes recovering. You must also get the right timing dashing out of probes, and using your normal out of dash. If you screw up the timings at any of those parts the probe may not juggle, the grave pull may not connect, or you may get that weird restand thats like a lex otg on the probe shot so the grave pull can be blocked and you get full combo punished for it).