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  1. This is 100% true, if you can perform instant air whiffed dive kicks consistently this combo won't even be too hard.
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  2. SunnyD

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    I'd rather go for consistency than an extra 3% damage.
  3. its more than 3%. I would still use the normal combo after 21, but 21212 can get a real damage boost if you use the dive kick combo.
  4. foxy, just asking, what kind of jump do you use for the second dive kick? its easier for me to connect the dive kick if I just do a neutral jump instant air dive kick but I can't seem to connect the 24 as easily as with a forward jump instant air dive kick.
  5. DK DK DK is connectable midscreen too, if you're opponent is in the air already.
  6. A F0xy Grampa

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    Just practice, then it comes consistent
  7. xInfra Deadx

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    Getting your meter back...and if you're ballsy, either 1, 2 or ground hat.
  8. Treadmill

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    Yeah I just started doing this combo last night and I'm already nailing it like 80% of the time. Unless I go right to left haha, then its like 50%. Anyone else have combos that are harder going other directions?

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  9. just practice everything on both sides from the start, when you notice you have a weaker side, start working on that side exclusively for half an hour and continue with practicing on both sides. you should do fine after that.
  10. Hellion_96

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    I was playing a Sonya player and i did this string at the same time the sonya player did a eh cartwheel and i beat it out how many hit can her armor take?
  11. Bildslash

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    If I'm not mistaken Sonya only has armor during the startup of Cartwheel. She beats most other attacks with it because by the time you would hit her again she hits you first.

    My guess is that since KL's string is like a machine gun, you managed to hit her as soon as her armor ended.
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  12. thats weird, did u use 1121 or 2121? she has armor on startup thats why it is punishable with a neutral jump punch, its not safe if it whiffs.
  13. Hellion_96

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    i did 21212 at the same time as the eh cartwheel but it wasnt on wake up so she didnt have the wake up frames. Possible new tech if you read a eh cartwheel?
  14. maybe it wasnt at point blank? what im trying to say is, maybe the armor already wore off when it connected with your attack.

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