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Question - Smoke Uses for close/far smokebomb


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Anyone find any good uses for the ability to do close/far smokebomb? Ive been playing smoke for around a week and this is one aspect of his tools that I really have not used very much and I'm curious to hear other smoke players thoughts on this.

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I use the close bomb to catch runners/dashes etc. Since people react to the startup of Smoke Bomb you can just react to their dash/run/slide/whatever with back. It's pretty good. As for far smoke bomb, in theory it would catch backdashes if somebody tries to backdash out of your plus frames. I think there's a thread showcasing that EX far smoke bomb can be like +14 or something, check it out.

EDIT: When I say backdash out of plus frames I don't just mean like backdash when your slightly plus. I also mean like if you do B1~Ex Smoke Bomb and they block but try to backdash - you could use far bomb to catch them backdashing.
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^^I've tried the same to catch people running up. Can't say I've used it a ton in sets, but I've noticed it catching a run up poke or normal.