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User Ribbons/Colors...What's the Difference?


Human Gameshark
Often times, we get asked what the different color ribbons mean under the usernames. Some of these will indicate staff members while others will indicate premium and special memberships. This thread will help differentiate between the colors, their respective titles, and what they mean.


Premium Supporter - Given to users who contribute $15 a year to the site. Allows the user to create a custom signature and change their username. Also grants access to the premium member forum.

Royal Contributor - Same as Premium Supporter, except designates users who donate $50+ a year to the site.

Top Kontributor - Given only to those members who invest amounts of money far above and beyond regular users. This could be for tournament prizes, sponsoring other players to go to offline events, etc. Their monetary contributions are extremely high.


Elder God - Designates users who are well-known throughout the entire NRS community. These are usually the top tournament players who receive this honor.

ESL Gaming - Given to those users who are part of the ESL Gaming group.

Netherrealm Studios - Designates staff members from NRS who have an account with TYM.


Moderator - Designates a full site moderator. Access to moderate the entire site; including moving, merging, closing threads, and issuing warnings for rule violations. Can handle reports from users on threads as well.

Lead Moderator - Same as moderator, plus can issue immediate and permanent bans.

Director of Content - Same as moderator, plus responsible for creating and promoting articles on the TYM front page as well as the TYM Facebook page.

Forum General - Same as lead moderator, plus responsible for overseeing all forum moderators. Handles approving new user registrations and assigning members to different user groups. Can modify all aspects of a user profile, including signatures, avatars, and resetting passwords.

Administrator - Same as Forum General, plus responsible for running the site on the back end. Can do anything from modifying the forum code to the design of the website itself.