USA vs the World at EVO 2012 [We need a team]

Discussion in 'EVO Championship Series' started by REO, Mar 8, 2012.

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    So you're like, some kind of elaborate meta-trolling account, right?
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  2. It only took you 4 posts.
  3. You're so edgy and cool, bro.
  4. 16 Bit

    16 Bit Mash d+1~Cat Claws
    NetherRealm Studios

    Death is Canadian? I thought he lived in PA? He doesn't sound Canadian.
  5. G4S Claude VonStroke

    G4S Claude VonStroke @MK_ClaudeVS on twitter

    He's canadian but he lives in North Carolina i believe.
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  6. Shady

    Shady Noob

    NeoRussell, w1nter warz, me, Jer, Death, Dink... we got more than enough talent to chose from.
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  7. Gesture Required Ahead

    Gesture Required Ahead Get on that hook

    'Course there is...question is: would you even be able to stand your ground or get nearly OCV'd like a certain 5v5 team?Not to mention a double baby.
  8. G4S Claude VonStroke

    G4S Claude VonStroke @MK_ClaudeVS on twitter

    NO way that canadian team would be really good. Except one free ass player who will remain nameless from me, not worth mentioning his name. But Shady, Death and Jer alone would rape face.
  9. NKZero

    NKZero Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    Team USA:
    CD Jr
    Perfect Legend
    Tom Brady

    Team EU:
    a F0xy Grampa
  10. Flagg

    Flagg Noob

    So due to the numerous nuthuggers, USA vs The World is just New York and one guy from Atlanta Vs UK and one guy from Greece?

    If you really want to make it "USA" it needs to be REO, PL, Pig, Tyrant and Tom Brady..those arer solid reps from all parts of the US and just call the "world team" the UK cause that is all it is. o
  11. shujinkydink should be on the team, simply to troll cdjr even if they lose, seriously IMO that quan chi has potential to win against cdjr.
    other than that

    foxy grampa
    ketchup and mustard
    I dont know about usedforglue, never seen him play, he is knowledgable though

    And metzos totally forgot about him, best ermac ever
  12. salvificblood

    salvificblood Worst Sub-Zero Ever
    Premium Supporter

    Usedforglue should be the captain of any UK/EU team that goes, in my opinion. He's a great player (he's placed well in all the tournaments he's been to) and because he's so technical, he would get stuff like matchups and team order right.
  13. STB Sgt Reed

    STB Sgt Reed Online Warrior

    To go along with this... DIVERSIFY TEAM US PLEASE!

    We all know that REO, CD, CDJR, MAXTER, are some of the best players... but aren't they all from the same area? If it's "TEAM US" it should have someone representing from all over the US

    One from NY
    One from the South
    One from the Midwest
    One from the West
    and one more. lol
  14. salvificblood

    salvificblood Worst Sub-Zero Ever
    Premium Supporter

    I would do it like this.

    The community should decide on a community leader to be captain so the US can select their captain and the UK/EU theirs and then the captain of the team can choose the other players to fill their team. I also think the captain should be able to take a spot on the team or choose somebody to play in their place and stick to purely the captaincy of the team. Honestly, I think that would be a lot better than having the community pick all five players.

    Tom for captain of team USA and Glue for captain of our team. :)

    This will be like the Ryder Cup of MK.
  15. REO

    REO Undead
    Premium Supporter

    Team USA should be:

    Tom Brady
    Perfect Legend
    Eddy Pistons

    They win the most tourneys and are the best with numerous characters so it only makes sense. This team wouldn't even need a fifth, no offense to team world.
  16. NKZero

    NKZero Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    Who's Eddy Pistons? Also are you guys going to do a 5 v 5 vs m2dave, THTB, PL etc?
  17. STB Sgt Reed

    STB Sgt Reed Online Warrior

    Then it's not really team US its team REO or team whoever we pick b/c they'll all just pick their buddies.

    Tellin ya, Krayzie's idea was the best. Someone to represent from each region. That's a Team US.
  18. Pig Of The Hut

    Pig Of The Hut Day 0 Phenomenal Dr. Fate and Darkseid player

    lol @ eddy pistons
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  19. Pig Of The Hut

    Pig Of The Hut Day 0 Phenomenal Dr. Fate and Darkseid player


    Team Canada should be

    1. Shujinkydink
    2. Death
    3. Archmagus
    4. Winter Warz
    5. Altaire

    Osu 16 Bit

    Death grew up 90% in canada and recently moved to NC. And i trolled him really hard at Final round because when we hung out at NEC i never heard his canadian tongue come out but at FR it wouldnt stop, lol. I was laughing a lot about it.
  20. REO

    REO Undead
    Premium Supporter

    We already did challenge the OH guys to a 5 vs 5 at SBV and they all were cowards and didn't want to play at the event. So we won by default. If they want to challenge us at MLG, then they need to be the ones to start a thread and throw money on the line. Otherwise, team NY isn't going to waste their time.
  21. Lumpymoomilk

    Lumpymoomilk Online Punching Bag

    team Canada [​IMG]
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  22. Hey does JOP still play? He was actually pretty good.
  23. Saint

    Saint Noob

    JOP is so sick man I rewatched his EVO games the other day, I wish he was an active MK player.

    Add yourself to that list and you're good to go =)
  24. Mt. Mutombo

    Mt. Mutombo Asshole by nature

    Lol a 5v5 vs the world...funneh

    Nevertheless... Reo, cdjr, detroit, cd and either maxter or PL...we need that Maxter v Mustard mirror.
  25. Ashenar

    Ashenar Just a slightly above average player.....

    get big d on that team.

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