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Uprise Clan Thread 2019

Sage Leviathan

I'm platinum mad!

(Photo by Masashi Wakui)

Hi! Welcome to Uprise!
We are an NRS-centric clan whose primary focuses are to improve ourselves and as well provide an inclusive social group across multiple games.

System: PS4

Our goals:
-to serve as a matchmaking portal among our members
-to facilitate video-game discussion and et cetera with both playfulness and respect
-to offer constructive insight so we can be the best and happiest at what we do
-to prepare for and compete in tournaments, and also exhibitions with other clans

Much of Uprise is active here on testyourmight.com, and all its members are encouraged to post any knowledge discussed in our Discord server to its appropriate subforum.

“How do I join?”
Send a private message to (@Sage Leviathan) on testyourmight.com with your request and any questions you might have. Requests may take more than 24 hours to process.

*Over the past four years Uprise has come to embrace itself more as a group of friends than a trophy-winning confederation; thus, player skill is no longer regarded as especially valuable among new recruits.

The rules are listed further in the Uprise Discord. Generally, be a nice person. If you’ve even a single racist, sexist, homophobic/transphobic, ableist, or otherwise discriminatory cell in your body, don’t bother.

We are pleased to both coexist with and contribute to TYM, and Uprise looks forward to your involvement.

Thank you!

EDIT: Membership includes access to more than 30 exclusive emotes, such as Dskarlet, endlesschicken, monkaSaibot, and more!
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Im glad clans are making a comeback, to be honest. For those who dont know, back in the Mk9 days clans and clan wars was a big thing. C88, Emperors, CRK, TKO and the list goes on. The MKU forum was insane with it. Hopefully we see more for Mk11. I miss the drama lol