[UPDATED w/ Actual Footage by @NYCFurby ]Killer Instinct Tournament Interrupted by Xbox One's DRM

Discussion in 'Killer Instinct' started by TheSpore, Dec 17, 2013.

By TheSpore on Dec 17, 2013 at 1:54 PM
  1. TheSpore

    TheSpore Nurgle Chaos God of Death and Disease

    UPDATE: View the bottom of this article to view the actual tournament footage this is referring to.

    Didn't see this anywhere figure I'd share since many of our FGC plays and loves KI!

    Apparently in NYC a KI tournament was interrupted while on stream by a strange XB1 prompt requesting the system to log in online to verify the software owner. Sounds sort of like the old DRM (Digital Rights Management) policy MS 180'ed earlier this year, which if it had been 180'ed shouldn't have happened.

    Whatever the case there is a link to the article - and there is a Youtube video from Sabin that shows this incident happening.



    If you ask me I doubt it was really the return of XB1's old DRM check-in and could be a number of things. Now I know I have voiced many anti-opinions towards KI and the XB1, but I truly hope this is an issue that gets resolved and isn't exactly a rampant thing in the community, because it could really hurt the life of KI and the community.

    So, has anyone else have any odd issues like thins as well?

    -EDIT- The article does seem to be very biased, but if there is a recording of the incident it at least serves that there may be some validity of it.

    Ninja EDIT by Sabin: Video in question has been uploaded. People have been ripping them from my archive and uploading it to their own channels.

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Discussion in 'Killer Instinct' started by TheSpore, Dec 17, 2013.

    1. MagicMan357
      And people are dumb enough to support this obvious scam of a console lol
    2. Dr. Handsome
      Dr. Handsome
      Did that make you feel better?
    3. StevoSuprem0
      We've already had issues with it a few times at tournaments. The DRM system is still in place for games that are digitally downloaded, such as Killer Instinct. Disc-based games don't require it, but downloads still do. We had a particularly annoying issue with my XB1 at the Break a few weeks ago because I hadn't logged in previously that day for the checkin AND the online servers for KI were having issues. So I couldn't access the game offline because I needed to check in and I couldn't check in because of the problem they were having. VERY annoying that these systems are still in place. Microsoft was not up front about this, and it's really disheartening. The system is not necessary when the bulk of their games are going to be on disc.
    4. MagicMan357
      Not buying it makes me feel very good thank you
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    5. TheSpore
      This is very disheatrning and I do hope that it is fixed and it makes no sense considering it deals with digital downloads.
    6. NY_Jailhouse
      sounds like you think killer instinct is wonderful but cant afford it :( a shame indeed.
    7. MagicMan357
      Nope, cant careless about an obvious DLC ripoff...until cinder and i still wouldnt get that crap
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    8. StevoSuprem0
      I understand the desire to protect products from theft, but anyone who can get around an initial DRM check at purchase/installation will be able to get around them on a daily basis as well. The only thing Microsoft is accomplishing with this system is making things inconvenient for TO's and people using the system properly. It won't matter for disc fighters in the future, but it's a real pain in the ass for any downloaded titles, such as KI and any future digital titles, including mods of old games. Annoying.
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    9. Dr. Handsome
      Dr. Handsome
      Also, while we've established that this is completely unfortunate and lame, don't make comments about it possibly hurting the life of KI please, especially if you don't play it. We, the players, will decide how long it lives, and as far as I'm concerned, long live KI. I'm really hoping the communities divide. There's just too much negativity anymore over here for MK/Injustice.
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    10. PND_Ketchup
      hate to turn every thread into the "xbox hate squad" thread, but worth mentioning:

      For every character all in one, you spend £17.

      Games retail in the UK at £55-£60 normally.

      Think about that.
    11. Doctor Angel
      Doctor Angel
      Honestly, even if I could afford it, I still don't think I would.
      It's not KI I have the problem with; I think it's a GREAT game all around so far. Easily accessible, sounds and looks gorgeous, and even though I'm not big on the digital pay-as-you-go scheme, it makes it interesting finding out along the way what and who's coming. But I have no faith in Microsoft.
      Iron Man is right...the One seems like a superfluous waste at the moment to me, especially given all the problems it's had sine launch. I honestly wasn't in favor at all of new consoles coming out this soon; there was so much more life and time they could've squeezed out of the 360 and PS3 in the next year or so that they could've also spent testing and perfecting the hardware and/or developing more launch titles or modifying the ones already being produced.
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    12. TheSpore
      Thats why I thought it could severly hurt KI, because imagine if this happens during a major at GF or something and there could be TOs that may not want risk it happening at all.
    13. StevoSuprem0
      Not to mention that you have to connect every single system to the internet while setting them up. That should prevent these issues from happening, but it's certainly annoying. I hope Microsoft changes the policy in the future, but the KI community is a pretty small part of the system right now. We'll see I guess...
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    14. TheSpore
      Take no offense so I guess you are are the overall authority on what I say, well then I am so very sorry for putting out information for the community. Just because I don't play it doesn't mean I want to see the game or its community be hurt in anyway. I care about the health of the FGC in its entirety, but sorry issues like this can hurt a game's life in the tourney scene.
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    15. Dr. Handsome
      Dr. Handsome
      First of all....I said please. Never said I was an authority....And second, it's not going to affect it's tournament life, so don't bother saying as such. I mean, KI was just featured at a major without a hitch. I don't think anyone would argue that the issue is bullshit, but all it is is a detour, nothing that can't be maneuvered around.
    16. TheSpore
      I'm not going to argue with you, sorry if I was a bit disrespectful to you, but this can hurt the game. If MS doesn't address the issue it can turn off prospecting buyers and can hamper the game's growth. There are many out there that originally did not want to buy the system simply due to the DRM policies and once they were 180ed, those poeple went out to get it because they wanted KI, they didn't want DRM. I'm not saying that the players will stop playing, nor am I saying that those players won't stop holding their own tournys, but there are TOs that may not want to deal with the hassle or risk of it happening when they might be featuring it as a main event. Like I said I may not play the game and no I have a PS4 instead I still want to see the scene for it thrive and grow, because it also brings poeple into seeing other games in the FGC that get played as well and all communities thrive from its success. Look at it this way at least, the more exposure an issue like this gets, the more probability it gets fixed and becomes a future non-issue.
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    17. A New Angel Is Advent
      A New Angel Is Advent
      I decided to go xb this go round for the first time ever. I decided based on the fact that I only play fgs (and the occasional jrpg). After putting up with ps offline lag (bog, anyone?) and knowing xb has dedicated servers. That said, I don't think any console will take the needs of fgs into consideration. This is pretty disappointing.
    18. Sabin
      Here is the video in question since it's blowing up: (it's at 6:39)

      There's a bunch of pirate rips of my videos floating around on youtube for some reason.
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      trash game and system. makes sense to me.

    20. Akae47
      So we have another Xbox Bashing thread here?? Has this caused problems across other events or majors?? Is this worst than systems freezin durings matches or the wireless ps3 controllers interrupting matches. Let me know cuz I dont see this as a serious problem where most if not venue have internet connections. Enlighten if this is truly a serious problem. I was actually at QC no one made a issue out of it.
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    21. Akae47
      if you have a smart phone, tablet or even use amazon you use "spy machines" don't think "what you may aslo like" section of amazon is a coincidence
    22. EGGXI
      It sounds really weird, I've never had the issue and I play offline with the console a lot. It definitely sucks a lot in terms of tournaments.

      The console is still good though, don't know why everyone is arguing about that and dragging up console wars, lol that shit is dead, let it stay dead.
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    23. zoofs
    24. EGGXI
      Well apparently this is a non issue: this can't happen if you disable the wifi.

      So if you were to actually play the game offline, this does not occur. So offline tournaments are safe.
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