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    So a few weeks ago, some people brought it to my attention that the combo guides really need to be updated. Most of the guides have now been updated with what I'm calling the Raptor Update. Most of the combo guides you see have been updated with combos you'll see from Noble Raptor's Youtube channel, which you can find here. You'll see notations and videos detailing how to do these combos.

    Now the reason why I saw most is that some of those guides are outdated, due to changes in the game since his videos were originally put out. From a conversation I had with him, Batman, Blue Beetle, Deadshot, Firestorm, Flash, Red Hood, and Wonder Woman are old. Black Canary didn't get updated, as there's another thread in her forum that has current stuff (and I think her OG thread is fine anyway). So if anybody knows those characters and want to help us out, let me know and I'll update those characters with the "whatever your name is update". Not necessarily asking for a detailed video, just notations that should be added.

    Let me know if I missed anything if you guys check these out. I may have missed a sticky or threw in a wrong video, I was kind of on autopilot doing this. Thanks y'all!
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    And thanks again to @Noble Raptor for letting us do this, made things WAY easier than messaging 40+ different people to try and get responses from the people who know the characters.
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    I think in terms of just the ol regular TYM'er going about updating combo threads when a character-changing patch hits is that;
    1. The original OP of the combo thread is no longer active/doesn't play the character
    2. Main contributors of a character don't have a lot of time on their hands to make these really in-depth combo guides. I know a couple of characters/TYM'ers that have this problem, myself included
    This usually just leads to the combo's either never getting updated on TYM or they're just lost somewhere in some 30+ page thread where there MIGHT be one to two posts containing all the relevant combos.

    If it were me I'd just make a new combo thread for my character if the OP isn't around anymore, and even if they are it might be worth a new thread anyway just to refresh the discussion like "X Character BnB's Post Patch 1.19" or something along those lines.

    Idk feels kinda weird that whenever I want to pick up a new character I just go to a Raptor video and never even glance at a TYM combo thread.
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    I know Red Hood. Dunno, if learning bnbs would be worth it though as most of them in his older video are obsolete.

    RH's 323 ender is borderline useless if they techroll now and his 112 sucks as a HKD ender, I don't care what anybody tells me. There is no flowchart way of approaching his bnbs anymore and most of his setups are bleh now because of a lack of decent HKD.

    He has fullscreen conversion that I'd be willing to ask Raptor to look into but overall making an updated combo video or thread for RH is a lost cause.
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