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UPDATE: Top 8 For DreamHack Montreal 2019 Set!

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Echo Sonic Fox (D'vorah)
UYU Deoxys (Geras)
PG Hayatei (Erron Black)
Gunshow (Jax)
bc Dragon (Cetrion)
END Scar (Sonya)
PXP A Foxy Grampa (Shang Tsung/Kung Lao)
Ninja Killa (Liu Kang)

DizzyTT (Liu Kang/Sonya)
RG DJT (Geras/Baraka)
AZ Phoenix (Scorpion)
RG Kevo Reborn (Jacqui/Sonya)
bc Honeybee (Cassie/Noob Saibot)
DF Grr (Geras)
UYU Rewind (Liu Kang)
Coach Steve (Jacqui)


Top 16 is set to kick off tomorrow at 12:00 P.M. Eastern time at: https://www.twitch.tv/netherrealm
Character usage at top 16:

3 geras
3 Sonya's
3 Liu Kang's
2 Jacqui's
1 Cetrion
1 Shang
1 Lao
1 Noob
1 Cassie
1 Scorpion
1 Baraka
1 Erron
1 D'Vorah

13 different characters. Multiple non-S tier characters.

5 S Tiers
B+ through S was used.
As per usual, I missed the top 16 because I got into other things and forgot about it. Glad I saw this thread update to catch the top 8.

Sonic's footsies/movement man:

Punishing a down4 with stutter dash quad slam for the win. For anyone who asked what to do about characters with long-range d4, class is in session.
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SonicFox should drop DVorah. He need to open the opponent like 10 times to take a round, yet other character can take a round with 3 opening.
Yoooooo Dragon:

Dat spacing/the read
Glad you got the clip. I just watched it live. Hypest shit I've ever seen. Once again Dragon proving Kitana isn't trash and strong in fact.

Remember after release everyone saying Cetrion was bottom tier, that she was too slow and no mids. Well we know different now.
Several top players have stated Highborn is very strong with great pressure and 20% is nothing to scoff at and insane %6 chip.
Everyone on here has said Kitana is garbage well I think we know different now thanks to dragon forcing Sonic to use Cassie and only lost because he dropped combo and choked under pressure.

Amazing set, I'm gonna get back to top 8
Everybody is talking about "All you need is F4", but Ninja is like 90% 12 with the occasional 212 and f43. The meta.
He's also playing against good players....sometimes playing against turds gives you bad habits as you know. If hes not jailing into 12 with d1 on hit then hitting a raw 12 might get u d2d or d1 80% of the time by online "always be pressing buttons" players lol.
Anyone see Sonics Buzzed D'Vorah vs Kevos Lao & Sonya?
D'Vorahs traps and zoning where unreal. D'Vorah outzone Sonya! Think about that, he had so many bugs on screen it Was a giant hitbox.
How stupid Jax damage is ? How can Liu Kang have high damage string and like 4 useful raw high DMG KBs that he land every single set and land on will Insane no scaling FB, yet Jax have such shi*** damage, because he have 2 High Damage useful KBs and one of the best FBs.
Kang also have godlike anti-air and god-like zoning.
Too bad the final is obvious. Liu Kang will win again. SonicFox has no chance with DVorah or any of the character he use atm.
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