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UPDATE: SRK no longer shutting down, instead migrating to Discourse


When's Syzoth?
Is it possible for Discord and Forums to co-exist? I'm not sure it has to be an "either or " question.
They can and currently do. Hell, the TYM Discord and the TYM forums themselves exist and don't overrule one another. At the end of a day, Discord is a gaming chat app first and foremost. Can it serve as an online resource database? With a ton of work, yes. Does it make forums obselete? Not in the slightest.

The way I have the TYM Discord set up, it doesn't at all attempt to invalidate the forums. It just serves as a way for TYM members to gather for much quicker and fluid conversation, like a chat is meant to do, as well as providing an easy voice chat option for the community.


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As Juggs mentioned there's zero reason they can't coexist.

Also, individual Discords for each and every character was a dumb idea and a ton of them are ghost towns even on the low standard of current Injustice 2 character sub forums.

Should be a TYM discord with a channel for each character rather than a bajillion discords. Even if that's using discord that still means the population is connected to TYM.

More importantly keeping the Discords all TYM-official means mods can ensure content that is important like tech can flow back to the site.

And use Discords developer API for some sweet integrations on TYM. No reason not to have this by now. Their developer API is really great, alot like Slack's.

Oh, and kewler stuff for us Premium supporters. Like the ability to temp-ban Fred Marvel once a month would be fun.

To be fair, assuming the left two characters are Sub and Scorp- 66% of the TYM logo is Injustice characters
Hence me saying "classic". =P

Sub-Zero and Scorpion don't have that classic look at all.


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Well, this was a great way to get money out of everybody for the Patreon :)

Scare the heck out of them, and then give them the link :p

In all seriousness though, I'm glad the forums aren't going to die. SRK is a legendary site FGC-wise and used to one of the pillars of the community.